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Overall By Province By Category By Species

Tournament Standings for SABAA Inter-Provincials 2017

Best 1 from 1 to count

PosBoat PairCategoryProvince170808BagFishPointsBig FishResultWM Score
1Western Province Boat 3Western Province100.00014.8801529.880 1.200100.0001000
2Gauteng North Boat 4Gauteng North99.00016.1101329.110 0.00099.000999
3Southern Cape Boat 2Southern Cape98.00015.9101227.910 2.48098.000998
4Natal Midlands Boat 4Natal Midlands97.00015.6001227.600 2.26097.000997
5Eastern Province Boat 2Eastern Province96.00013.9901326.990 0.88096.000996
6Gauteng North Boat 1Gauteng North95.00013.9701225.970 0.00095.000995
7Central Gauteng Boat 4Central Gauteng94.00012.5801325.580 0.00094.000994
8Northern Natal Boat 1Northern Natal93.00013.7501124.750 1.26093.000993
9Boland Boat 4Boland92.00011.9901223.990 1.70092.000992
10Boland Boat 1Boland91.00012.6001123.600 1.98091.000991
11Eastern Province Boat 1Eastern Province90.00012.5701123.570 1.82090.000990
12Eastern Province Boat 4Eastern Province89.00011.2401223.240 1.28089.000989
13Central Gauteng Boat 2Central Gauteng88.00012.3401022.340 1.36088.000988
14Boland Boat 2Boland87.00011.9001021.900 1.10087.000987
15Natal Coastal Boat 3Natal Coastal Provincial86.00010.7201121.720 1.96086.000986
16Natal Coastal Highway Boat 1 Natal Coastal Highway85.00011.2101021.210 1.06085.000985
17Northern Natal Boat 2Northern Natal84.00010.9101020.910 0.00084.000984
18Mpumalanga Boat 2Mpumalanga83.000 9.8101120.810 1.50083.000983
19Natal Coastal Boat 2Natal Coastal Provincial82.00010.0501020.050 1.78082.000982
20Central Gauteng Boat 3Central Gauteng81.00010.940919.940 1.92081.000981
21Northern Natal Boat 4Northern Natal80.00010.860919.860 1.30080.000980
22Eastern Province Boat 3Eastern Province79.00010.160919.160 1.74079.000979
23Natal Coastal Highway Boat 2Natal Coastal Highway78.000 9.990918.990 0.52078.000978
24Natal Midlands Boat 1Natal Midlands77.00010.770818.770 2.13077.000977
25Western Province Boat 2Western Province76.000 8.5301018.530 0.00076.000976
26Western Province Boat 1Western Province75.000 8.720917.720 0.00075.000975
27Border Boat 3Border74.000 9.700817.700 2.06074.000974
28Natal Midlands Boat 3Natal Midlands73.000 9.530817.530 1.41073.000973
29Natal Midlands Boat 2Natal Midlands72.000 9.500817.500 1.30072.000972
30Gauteng North Boat 2Gauteng North71.000 9.270716.270 0.00071.000971
31Southern Cape Boat 3Southern Cape70.000 8.190816.190 1.59070.000970
32Border Boat 1Border69.000 8.160816.160 1.70069.000969
33Southern Cape Boat 1Southern Cape68.000 9.060716.060 1.74068.000968
34Gauteng North Boat 3Gauteng North67.000 8.580715.580 1.44067.000967
35Mpumalanga Boat 4Mpumalanga66.000 8.080715.080 0.00066.000966
36Boland Boat 3Boland65.000 8.580614.580 2.50065.000965
37Northern Natal Boat 3Northern Natal64.000 7.240714.240 2.06064.000964
38Border Boat 2Border63.000 5.680712.680 0.58063.000963
39Western Province Boat 4Western Province62.000 5.920611.920 1.12062.000962
40Mpumalanga Boat 1Mpumalanga61.000 5.650611.650 0.51061.000961
41Natal Coastal Boat 1Natal Coastal Provincial60.000 5.4204 9.420 1.66060.000960
42Border Boat 4Border59.000 5.3204 9.320 1.28059.000959
43Natal Coastal Boat 4Natal Coastal Provincial58.000 3.9405 8.940 0.00058.000958
44Natal Coastal Highway Boat 4Natal Coastal Highway57.000 4.2604 8.260 1.20057.000957
45Natal Coastal Highway Boat 3Natal Coastal Highway56.000 4.0904 8.090 1.53056.000956
46Southern Cape Boat 4Southern Cape55.000 3.7104 7.710 0.00055.000955
47Mpumalanga Boat 3Mpumalanga54.000 3.9203 6.920 0.00054.000954
48Central Gauteng Boat 1Central Gauteng53.000 2.5303 5.530 1.12053.000953
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