Tournament Standings for SABAA - Junior Internationals (2017 Witbank)

Best 1 from 1 to count

PosNameCategoriesTeam171208BagFishPointsBig FishGivenResultCeded
1South-Africa 2 South Africa100.00018.0002038.000 0.000 0.000100.000100.00
2South-Africa 5 South Africa99.00016.4702036.470 0.000 0.00099.000 99.00
3Zimbabwe 6 Zimbabwe98.00015.3502035.350 0.000 0.00098.000 98.00
4South-Africa 1 South Africa97.00015.2202035.220 0.000 0.00097.000 97.00
5South-Africa 3 South Africa96.00014.1002034.100 0.000 0.00096.000 96.00
6South-Africa 4 South Africa95.00013.4902033.490 0.000 0.00095.000 95.00
7Zimbabwe 2 Zimbabwe94.00014.3801933.380 0.000 0.00094.000 94.00
8Zimbabwe 4 Zimbabwe93.00012.9302032.930 0.000 0.00093.000 93.00
9Zimbabwe 3 Zimbabwe92.00013.0401831.040 0.000 0.00092.000 92.00
10Zimbabwe 5 Zimbabwe91.00013.2101730.210 0.000 0.00091.000 91.00
11South-Africa 6 South Africa90.00012.6601729.660 0.000 0.00090.000 90.00
12Zimbabwe 1 Zimbabwe89.00012.1001729.100 0.000 0.00089.000 89.00
Meet Our Anglers
Scott Buckley
Birthday14 October 1980
CountrySouth Africa  
LikesBass fishing, Fly fishing, Rock and Surf, Off Shore
Bucket ListAn extensive tour of the Zimbabwean lakes to catch 5kg  bass
Personal Best3.2kg Largemouth
2.8kg Smallmouth

I have had a passion for all aspects of angling since as long as I can remember. Everytime I see water I cant help but imagine what fish are lurking beneath the surface and how I would go about catching them with a rod and reel.

It all started with my dad taking my brothers and myself to a still water just outside of Ceres to catch trout on spinners. From there I got into flyfishing for trout and later bass. Once the bass bug bit me I couldnt get enough and started to target them in farm dams on bass tackle. As the years passed my passion for fishing grew stronger and I tried my hand at salt water fishing which included targeting edible and non - edible fish from the shore. I was then invited out on a boat to target Yellowtail with spinning gear. Yellowtail fishing with a 9 foot rod and 30lb braid and spinners still has to be one of the most exciting aspects of  fishing in my opinion. 

Yellowfin Tuna was next on the list and I was rewarded with many good fish on a few seperate occassions.

As an avid angler I still experience a thrill when setting the hook on any species of fish but my heart lies with the feisty bass! Smallmouth being my favourite quarry.

I look forward to competing with South Africas best in the world of bass fishing and I hope to learn a lot from the guys that have the same passion as me because everyone has their own unique styles which they have mastered over the years.


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