Tournament Attendance

Attendance is registered by either catching fish in a competition or when a Tag is allocated to the Angler on the day of the competition

Tournament Attendance for SABAA Free State 2018/2019 Regionals

#NAME181021181021 1181119181119 1190216190217190316190317ATTENDANCE
1Dave Van VughtFishTag Tag Tag FishFishFishFish8
2Jan Van ZylFishFishTag Tag FishFishTag Fish8
3Jacques SchoemanFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
4Paul SchluepFishFishTag Tag FishFishFishFish8
5Dean BarkerFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
6Kevin HyemFishFishTag FishFishFishFishFish8 (Lee Kane)FishTag Tag FishFishFishFishFish8
8Charlton HewittFishFishFishFishTag Tag Tag Fish8
9Mike St.DareFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
10Pierre TheronFishFishFishTag FishFishFishFish8
11Andrew TavaresFishTag Tag FishFishFishFishFish8
12Corne SchoemanFishFishTag Tag FishFishFishFish8
13John ThompsonFishTag Tag FishFishFishFishFish8
14Johan AppelgreinFishFishFishTag FishFishTag Tag 8
15Jonathan Andrew HyemFishFishFishTag FishFishFishFish8
16Rob ScorgieFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
17Greg SchluepFishFishFishFishFishFishFishFish8
18Tyron MortimerFishFishFishTag FishFishTag Fish8
19Carmen RudigerFishTag Tag Tag FishFishNo No 6
20Jared OlsenFishTag FishFishFishFishNo No 6
21Keith RudigerFishFishTag Tag FishFishNo No 6
22Robert MelaneyFishTag Tag Tag FishFishNo No 6
23Jason RudigerFishFishTag Tag No No No No 4
24Warren LuckTag Tag Tag Tag No No No No 4
25Warren SaksFishTag Tag Tag No No No No 4
26Dean Graham PuntisFishTag Tag Tag No No No No 4
27Les HyemFishFishNo No No No Tag Fish4
28Cian ConradieFishFishTag Tag No No No No 4
29Giulio NolliNo No FishTag No No FishFish4
30Kirsten BrayNo No Tag Tag No No FishTag 4
31Allan BakerFishFishTag FishNo No No No 4
32Fran RudigerTag Tag Tag Tag No No No No 4
33Hanno RiekertNo No No No No No No No 0
34Wanita LuckNo No No No No No No No 0