Tournament Attendance

Attendance is registered by either catching fish in a competition or when a Tag is allocated to the Angler on the day of the competition

Tournament Attendance for 13th Black Bass World Championships 2017 - Final Results

1USA AFishFishFish3
2USA BFishFishFish3
3USA CFishFishFish3
4Namibia AFishFishFish3
5Namibia BFishFishFish3
6Namibia CFishFishFish3
7Zambia AFishFishFish3
8Zambia BFishFishFish3
9Zambia CFishFishFish3
10Germany AFishFishFish3
11Germany BFishFishFish3
12Germany CFishFishFish3
13Mexico AFishFishFish3
14Mexico BFishFishFish3
15Mexico CFishFishFish3
16Zimbabwe AFishFishFish3
17Zimbabwe BFishFishFish3
18Zimbabwe CFishFishFish3
19Portugal AFishFishFish3
20Portugal BFishFishFish3
21Portugal CFishFishFish3
22South Africa AFishFishFish3
23South Africa BFishFishFish3
24South Africa CFishFishFish3
25Spain AFishFishFish3
26Spain BFishFishFish3
27Spain CFishFishFish3
28Croatia AFishFishTag 3
29Croatia BFishFishFish3
30Croatia CFishFishFish3
31Italy AFishFishFish3
32Italy BFishFishFish3
33Italy CFishFishFish3
34Russia AFishFishFish3
35Russia BFishFishFish3
36Russia CFishFishFish3
37Swaziland AFishFishFish3
38Swaziland BFishFishFish3
39Swaziland CFishFishFish3