Nathan Wickham

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Birthday14 December 2001
CountrySouth Africa  
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26-8-22SABAA Nationals Clanwilliam 2022 - Clanwilliam Dam1
20-3-22SABAA Mpumalanga Regionals 2021/2022 - WITBANK DAM - Day 21
20-2-22SABAA Mpumalanga Regionals 2021/2022 - Vygeboom Dam - Day 21
17-10-21SABAA Mpumalanga Regionals 2021/2022 - Arabie Dam - Day 21
17-9-21SABAA National Championship 2021 - Arabies Dam1
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Martin Joubert
Birthday20 April 1971
CountrySouth Africa  
LikesBank Angling
Bucket Lista 10 plus KG Big Mouth Yellow in a river. 
Personal BestWinning a Medal at the World Fishing Games.

I am a Disabled Angler that participate in Category 4 of the disabled bank angling facet. I also like to angle with and against able body anglers as my disability is of such a nature that I can angle without assistance of a helper. I only takes me a bit longer to land a fish as I need to manipulate the fish into a position for me to land the fish.

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