Tournament Details
CountrySouth Africa
Number of Competitions4
How many Competitions will count3
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together1
Start Time07:00
End Time16:00
Tournament Ties1 Points 2 Heaviest Fish - Linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2017-03-30
Tournament Points+
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07:00 AM - 16:00PM



21 & 22 November 2015 - VAAL DAM

20 & 21 February 2016 - HARTEBEESPORT DAM

20 & 21 February 2016 - ARABIE DAM

21 & 22 May 2016 - VAAL RIVER

Tournament Rules

A) Any individual gold or standard member of good standing of any Chapter affiliated to Southern Division may enter.

A. No Association member may fish or practice the venue of the Southern Division within 5 (five) calendar days prior to the day of registration for the tournament (Sunday night 23H59 before)
B. Southern Divisional tournament will consist of four (two day angling) event with the best 3 (Two day) events to count  towards selection of SD National team.          C. Your best out of your last two years current standing in grand prix points with count 40%. That will be added to 60% of your current year standing grand prix point to total your 60/40 history standing which is the system used to select the team going to Nationals. 
C. Starting order for first tournment will be your standing from the 60/40 history that decided the top 10 going to Nationals the previous year.

A) The friday evening before the event, registration will take place up unitil 16H59 anyone arriving after that time can register, but will loose their starting position and fall to the back of the starting order.
B) A briefing will be held by the Tournament Committee to inform the competitors of local conditions, arrangements for the competition and rules where necessary.
C) A copy of these rules must be displayed at registration and where possible copies must be made available to new members. A copy of the rules must also be displayed at the weigh station.
D) Non-attendance at a briefing will not be accepted as an excuse for ignorance of the arrangements and/or rules in the event of a complaint or objection being raised.
E) All rules pertaining to the Southern Division Tournament become effective at commencement of registration until the end of prize giving.

A) Live-wells of some description, adequate in size to accommodate the boat's limit of fish, will be used on each boat and have an aeration or freshwater supply system.

A) Prior to commencement of the competition, all live-wells will be empty.
B) Hatches for purposes other than live-wells will be opened for inspection, as will coolers and other watertight containers, no matter their purpose.
C) Inspections will be carried out on the water no more than 30 minutes before the starting time of each of the angling sessions.
D) Competitors so inspected will not leave their boat unless re-inspected before starting off.
E) A system of proving that live-wells having been inspected shall be implemented

A) All anglers taking part in SABAA sanctioned tournaments are obliged to have their boats fitted with kill-switches.
B) Life jackets shall be worn by each person on the boat while the internal combustion engine is operating.
C) All boats must have the prescribed certificates in accordance with the SAMSA regulations (COF, Skippers Certificate). Any boat not complying with the stipulations of the Marine Safety Act will not be allowed on the water.
D) Standard safety rules pertaining to local waters, including the "rule of the road" (shore on RHS, resulting in counter-clockwise movement) will be observed at all times.
E) In narrow channels, every boat shall keep to their right of the middle of the channel.
F) When boats approach ahead, they shall pass with the other boat to the left (port rule) at a distance and speed so that the wake of neither will endanger the other.
G) In the event of mechanical failure, an angler may attract the attention of another angler by utilising whatever means (no mobile communication) alternatively he may use his mobile phone to contact the Weigh Master to request assistance. Although an angler has notified the Weigh Master of mechanical failure this does not negate his requirement to have his tag on the board prior to the closure of his session.
H) Overtaking in the same direction shall be executed with discretion and the overtaken boat shall maintain its course until well clear of overtaken boat(s).
I) Generally, the overtaking boat should keep to the deep-water side of the other, without endangering boats approaching head-on.
J) Boats approaching at right angles shall apply the port-rule. The boat with the other on the port (left) side has right of way. The other boat shall alter course and/or speed so as to pass astern of the boat with right of way.
K) Power boats shall give way to boats under sail or hand power, irrespective of the right of way.
L) If, in their opinion, a participant appears to be incapable of operating his boat in a safe manner, the organisers may exercise their right to disqualify such person.

A) Competitors will at all times display a high standard of sportsmanship and courtesy to both fellow competitors and members of the public.
B) The principles of conservation will be promoted at all times

A) Bass which have been physically damaged, altered, or wilfully mutilated will be disqualified at the discretion of the weigh master, whose decision will be final.
B) Presenting damaged, altered, or wilfully mutilated fish may be cause for the disqualification of the angler concerned.
C) The introduction of materials or devices that cause an increase in weight/mass of a fish shall be deemed as wilful damage and will be just cause for the disqualification of the angler concerned.
D) Old and/or accidental injuries, which do not cause the fish to be heavier than if it were not injured, will be accepted.
E) Fish, whether dead or alive, that have partially ingested their prey, shall not be weighed until the protruding remains of such ingested prey are safely removed and not count towards the weight.

A) Only the competitor will handle his/her catch to be weighed and presented for scoring. Helpers will provide the means for so doing but not handle the fish.
B) Identification discs or cards will be presented to the weigh-master to ensure correctness of scoring and the score sheet initialled against the entry by the competitor.
C) Once a competitor enters a buoyed off area, as indicated in the briefing as the No Wake zone, the fish in their possession become the property of the weigh-master who may also inspect their live-wells at any time.

A) A large enough waiting area shall be provided and marshalled.
B) Cut off time is to be indicated by the sounding of a horn or siren and/or flare. 
C) Under extenuating circumstances, the disqualification of an angler may be overruled by the Tournament Committee, after process of written appeal. Their decision shall be final and no further discussion will be entered into although accepted norms of fair play to any other competitor(s) in similar circumstances must be applied.
D) Should the Tournament Committee indicate at the briefing that a Disc (Tag) System is in operation then the competitor(s) will only be automatically deemed to have arrived in good time for the weigh-in, if their discs are placed on the board prior to cut-off time which will be indicated by the sounding of a horn.
E) If any Competitor’s Disc is not returned to the board before the end of that competitor’s Fishing Session, said Competitor will be disqualified with the exception of Rules 11.B.
F) If an angler is disqualified for being late but has weighed fish earlier and these have been recorded by the weigh-master these fish will count towards his overall score. Only fish that have yet to be weighed will not count.

A) In the event of the jetty or beaching area being overcrowded by boats, a competitor may claim waiting time if the weigh-in deadline is imminent. This can only be done by attracting the attention of the timing marshal if in the waiting area (no-wake area) in good time before the deadline time is reached. The timing marshal will immediately note the competitor’s name & the time of any such incident in a log book.
B) Any competitor rendering emergency assistance to another competitor which results in his/her late arrival may have his/her catch weighed if he/she provides satisfactory proof of such assistance given. The timing marshal will note the name of the competitors concerned and the time of the incident in a log book.

A) Entry and exits to the weighing-in area must be clearly defined to enable the weigh master to expeditiously weigh fish and eliminate queuing.
B) Anglers will be required to Exit and Enter the Weigh Station Area via a set of buoys, this is a demarcated NO-WAKE ZONE.
C) The weigh-master and another member of the organising committee need to have a clear visible view of the scales weight display at any event.
D) An Official Fish measure (300mm) shall be available at Southern Divisional  against which all other measures shall be measured and adjusted, so as to be traceable to a Standard in the event of a dispute.
E) Anglers must handle their bass correctly to ensure a healthy return to the water.
F) The Weigh Station must be open for the duration of any session.
G) A maximum of 5 (five) fish may be presented to the Weigh Master for the duration of a session (No culling at the Weigh Station).
H) Once an angler has presented his 5 (five) fish limit to the weigh master he must return to the slip and remove his boat even if there is still time left in his session.

A) The session or daily fish limit will be 5 (five) fish in all areas at all levels, regardless of the statutory (licence) limits stipulated in any particular area.
B) In the event of a competitor having more than the legal limit of live fish in his boat live-well, the angler/boat will be disqualified for that session.

A) Dead fish shall not be returned to the water, or disposed of in any manner during or immediately after a tournament (while weighing of fish is still In progress) under any circumstances except as provided for in these Rules.
B) Competitor(s) having dead fish on board, not wishing to present them for weighing, shall remove them from the live-well, store them in such a manner that they can be separately handed to the weigh master for disposal.
C) In the event that a competitor has separated dead fish from those to be presented for weighing (in accordance with Rule 14B above), such angler shall be permitted to replace dead fish with healthy ones up to the limit of 5 (five) fish.                                                                                       D) Dead fish may be weighed in the event you do not have a 5 fish limit. In this event the weight will count be you will not be awarded the point for the fish.
E) No culling shall take place in the vicinity of the weigh station or in the waiting area(s). As all culling shall have been completed while angling to prevent the fish limit being exceeded at any time. Competitors may not continue fishing whilst culling. Once the process of culling is completed and only 5 fish are on
board the boat, then the competitor(s) may continue fishing. Should an angler/boat ONLY have the prescribed 5 (five) fish onboard but wish to check the size of a fish prior to presenting his catch to the weigh master, then this may be done within the holding area.

A) An angling day may be divided into sessions at the discretion of the organisers.
B) Each session will be treated as if a new day, with defined start/finish times, live-well inspections, and other applicable provisions as laid down in these Rules.
C) There shall be no more than two sessions in any daylight period.
D) Weighing-in at tournaments may take place throughout the day with each angler being permitted to weigh in the legal limit per session.

A) A no-wake area will be in force for at least 100 (one-hundred) meters to either side of the weigh-in site and 50 (fifty) meters to the front for the duration of the tournament, with the shore extremities being clearly marked, and no angling will be permitted in such areas.
B) All boats within this area will proceed at DEAD SLOW pace so as not to cause a wake.

A) No contestant may allow any fish caught by him/her to be added to the score of any other contestant. In such an event both competitors shall be disqualified and subject to disciplinary procedures.
B) Cutting of fins etc. as a means of identification is damaging to the fish and will be classed as wilful mutilation, which will be cause for the angler to be disqualified.

A) An Organising Committee boat may approach and a member may board a competitor's boat if deemed necessary in the event of an alleged infringement of these or supplementary rules.

A) Any protest is to be submitted in writing to the organising committee no later than 60 minutes after the last weigh-in session for that day and duly signed by the individual filing the protest, together with names of witnesses (if any).
B) Where an incident occurs that is deemed to be of such a nature as to require further investigation, full reports shall be submitted and accepted within 7 (seven) days, and the investigation concluded and decision made within 30 days, respectively, of the last day of the event that the protest was raised.

A) At Southern Division 2 day events, in the event of a tie, the bag with the biggest fish, followed, if necessary, by the highest ranked angler for the competition (whoever starting ranking was better for THAT comp), will decide the winner.
B) Season standings: 1st Tie-Break will be based on adding the best three scores points (points for fish kg) you use for the season excluding the dropped score for the current season.  2nd Tie Break if required would be the angler with the highest ranking or starting number at the start of the season.                                               C)60/40 Standings:1st Tie break is the total GP points for the last two seasons and the current season added. 2nd tie break if that is still a tie Highest ranked angler from last season.

A) Scoring will be one point for each live fish, plus one point per kilogram of mass and equivalent part point per part kilogram. In the event of a dead fish the one point per fish will not be awarded, e.g. a live healthy fish weighing 0.750 kilogram is equal to 1.750 points but dead it will score 0.750 points only.
B) A fish that is "gilling" shall be deemed to be alive, and the final decision is at the discretion of the weigh-master.                                                                          

A) Angling will be with artificial lures only.
B) No "live bait" or prepared (organic) bait shall be permitted.
C) Only one wet line, attached to a rod and reel, per angler may be used at any one time.
Anglers are not permitted to use double soft jerkbait rigs, drop shot rigs with jigs used as weights, double topwater set-ups and other multi-lure rigs such as “umbrella rigs”.
D) No trolling will be permitted, i.e. no lure attached to a line may be overboard while an Outboard Engine is running.
E) No tethered or hand-line of any description may be used under any circumstances.

A) Only bass measuring 300 mm and over will be acceptable for weighing. The measurement is to be from the outer extremities of the closed mouth to the outer tip of the tail, with the fish placed on a flat surface.
B) Any undersize fish presented to the weigh-master will encounter a penalty of ½ (one-half) a point off the angler s score and that fish will be rejected, but WILL count as portion of the session (daily) limit.
C) The Official SABAA Guideline for the Measurement of Fish Prescribes.
D) Fish shall not be transferred to another host for any reason whatsoever other than in the event of a complete mechanical failure. In which case the angler from the immobilised boat shall proceed directly to the Weigh Station without angling, accompany his catch in a separate weigh bag with his tag to be presented to the weigh master.
E) There shall be an arrangement which shall prevent catches from being confused.

A) No boat may approach to within casting distance of another boat. Casting distance is considered to be 30 metres.
Any boat will therefore have a “protected/private” fishing space of a 30 metre radius into which no other boat may enter or be casted into, unless the angler on that boat specifically authorises another boat to enter and/or fish into that boat’s 30m space. In such an event rule 24B will become applicable. Where a bay with backwater or river systems apply, a boat may pass through the anglers protected area/radius on electric trolling motor to fish beyond and outside of the protected area/radius
B) If another boat is allowed to fish within a boat’s casting distance, then any other boat may enter and fish that boat’s wet line area as well.
C) When two boats are fishing towards each other then the boat that is closest to the bank will stay against the bank and the other shall give a reasonable berth around the boat on the bank.

A) A landing net may be used to land fish.
B) An angler must catch, fight and then land the fish, without having to resort to changing the structure (breaking of trees etc) to enable the fish to be landed, nor may he enter the water to retrieve a fish caught on the undergrowth whilst fighting a fish i.e. to manually retrieve or catch a fish by hand that has been entangled in the depths of the water necessitating swimming underwater to achieve this. Anglers must stay in contact with their boats at all times.

A) Anglers shall be disqualified if encroachment is made on out- of-bounds areas, which have been declared off-limits by water affairs/nature conservation or the darn authorities e.g. dam wall areas, weirs or private property etc.
B) Anglers shall be disqualified if excessive speed is applied in a no-wake area such as a sanctuary, breeding area and/or private property (where this stipulation is a condition of entry to such an area).

A) No member may be under the Influence of alcohol whilst participating in a tournament or an Association function and/or in control of a boat or motor vehicle. The stipulations of National Road Safety rules will apply.
B) The use of illegal drugs or substances (as defined in common law) by contestants during tournaments and Association functions is prohibited.
C) Contravention of Rule 27 A. & B. above will constitute a serious offence against the Constitution and will be summarily dealt with under its provisions by (at least and immediately) preventing further participation, removing (by force if necessary) the capability to operate a boat or motor vehicle until deemed safe to return such control.
D) Contravention of Rule 27 A. & B. above shall remain a de-merit and shall not prescribe.

A) Senior National Championship Tournaments, the use of cellular phones, is allowed for safety purposes only. No angler may contact another angler, whilst on the water, unless in the case of an emergency.
B) At National Championships, arrangements must be made with the organising committee for emergency messages to be intercepted and conveyed to the participants.

A) Under ANY of the above rules, the organising committee at each level is empowered to disqualify any competitor, after due consideration of the facts, deemed to have broken these rules at their level and/or apply disciplinary measures as defined in the Constitution.



Kevin Hyem President 08332001308

Rob Melany Tournament Director 0824470414

Paul Schluep Treasurer 0825726173

Frans Swanepoel 0834007089

Allan Baker 0825720288

Gerry Leach 0795244354

Entry #NameProvincesCategoriesANGLER1
1Hugo LermHugo Lerm
2Johan CloeteJohan Cloete
3Allan BakerAllan Baker
4Rudi DreyerRudi Dreyer
5Hennie Du PreezHennie Du Preez
6Justy VarkevisserJusty Varkevisser
7Justin Da SousaJustin De Souza
8Dudley FourieDudley Fourie
9Paul SchleupPaul Schluep
10August LingnauAugust Lingnau
11Joao MendesJoao
12Rob ScorgieRob Scorgie
13Shandon HawmanShandon Hawman
14Pierre TheronPierre Theron
15Justin KaranJustin Karan
16David WillsDavid Wills
17Paul LandsellPaul Lansdell
18Jonnathan HyemJonathan Hyem
19Justin TrentelmanJustin Trentelman
20Flip OppermanFlip Opperman
21Charlton HewittCharlton Hewitt
22Willie StolsWillie Stols
23Louis BarbosaLouis Barbosa
24Jared OlsenJared Olsen
25Johan Van Der WaltJohan Van Der Walt
26Gregory SchluepGreg Schluep
27Brian GibbsBrian Gibbs
28Tyron MortimerTyron Mortimer
29Marlin MienieMarlin Mienie
30Andrew LockeAndrew Locke
31Alan MorganAlan Morgan
32Andrew TavaresAndrew Tavares
33Brent KinlockBrent Kinloch
34Rob MarshallRob Marshall
35Nico MatheeNico Mathee
36Kyle RichardsonKyle Richardson
37Frans SwanapoolFrans Swanepoel
38JP BrooksJp Brooks
39Darryl QuintonDarryl Quinton
40Pierre BoschPierre Bosch
41Robbie CooperRobbie Cooper
42Jan GreylingJan Greyling
43Peter QuadlingPeter Quadling
44Tinus WillemseTinus Willemse
45Jan Van ZylJan Van Zyl
46Ahmed RasoolAhmed Rasool
47Steven FreislichSteven Freislich
48Nick MilliganNick Milligan
49Mike MilliganMike Milligan
50Andre PretoriousAndre
51Martin AttwellMartin Attwell