Elgin Round Table Bass Classic 2017

Tournament Details
NameElgin Round Table Bass Classic 2017
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceWestern Cape
VenueApplethwaite Dam
Number of Competitions1
How many Competitions will count1
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together1
Start Time07:00
End Time16:00
Tournament Ties1 Most Fish 2 Heaviest Bag 3 Heaviest Fish - Not linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2017-02-25
Tournament Points+
SpeciesCompetition PointsTeamsCategories
Tournament Information

Elgin Round Table Bass Classic 2017




  1. 1st Place – R5000 Cash 2 X free entrance to the dam
  2. 2nd Place – R2500 Cash 1 X free entrance to the dam
  3. 3rd Place – R1000 Cash




  1. 1st place – R2000 Cash
  2. 2nd Place – R1000 Cash
  3. 3rd Place – R500 Cash


Tournament Rules


  1. Maximum of 3 fish per angler and only the biggest fish weighed will count.
  2. Dead fish will not be weighed. Dead fish to be handed in to the weighstation for proper disposal
  3. Short fish (under 30cm) will not be weighed
  4. All SAMSA safety rules to be followed regarding boat safety
  5. Livewell inspection before the start of the competition at 6:15am on the day, skippers briefing to be held straight after livewell inspection
  6. All boats to be lauched from 6am on competition day.
  7. Prizegiving will be held at 16:45


Entry #NameTeamsCategoriesANGLER1
1Len Le RouxBoatSeniorLen Le Roux
2Joubert FickBoatSeniorJoubert Fick
3Mark WegerhoffBoatSeniorMark Wegerhoff
4Faye WegerhoffBoatJuniorFaye Wegerhoff
5Hayden WegerhoffBoatJuniorHayden Wegerhoff
6Tomas BlenduffBoatSeniorTomas Blenduff
7Lars BleduffBoatJuniorLars Bleduff
8Nicholas LouwKickboatJuniorNicholas Louw
9Jabsi LouwKickboatJuniorJabsi Louw
10George HayShoreJuniorGeorge Hay
11Craig CoetzeeShoreSeniorCraig Coetzee
12Kyle CoetzeeShoreJuniorKyle Coetzee
13Craig CrossmanKickboatSeniorCraig Crossman
14Sarah CrossmanKickboatSeniorSarah Crossman
15Jimmy D ArcyBoatSeniorJimmy D Arcy
16Keith de KockBoatSeniorKeith de Kock
17Grant HuddlestoneBoatSeniorGrant Huddlestone
18Shaun HillKickboatSeniorShaun Hill
19Kurt HillKickboatSeniorKurt Hill
20Duncan HillKickboatSeniorDuncan Hill
21Rob RyllKickboatSeniorRob Ryll
22Daniel TarlingBoatJuniorDaniel Tarling
23Matthew ShenkBoatJuniorMatthew Shenk
24Roger ParisBoatSeniorRoger Paris
25Jacques van NiewhBoatSeniorJacques van Niewh
26Gerrit BrandKickboatSeniorGerrit Brand
27Lambert FourieBoatSeniorLambert Fourie
28Nadine MowersBoatSeniorNadine Mowers
29Roy Douglas HenryBoatSeniorRoy Douglas Henry
30Ross SherwoodBoatSeniorRoss Sherwood
31Scott Douglas HenryBoatJuniorScott Douglas Henry
32Rory HeidmannBoatSeniorRory Heidmann
33Vaughn HarrisKickboatSeniorVaughn Harris
34Jan Daniel HumanKickboatSeniorJan Daniel Human
35Mark BrownBoatSeniorMark Brown
36Erno MullerBoatSeniorErno Muller
37Kyle hansonBoatSeniorKyle hanson
38Richard BlairBoatSeniorRichard Blair
39Chad Tyrone BaileyBoatSeniorChad Tyrone Bailey
40Travis Trent BaileyBoatJuniorTravis Trent Bailey
41Steven FriggensBoatSeniorSteven Friggens
42Jarad FriggensBoatJuniorJarad Friggens
43Jordan FriggensBoatJuniorJordan Friggens
44Hugo HarmseKickboatSeniorHugo Harmse
45Liam PelserKickboatJuniorLiam Pelser
46BTS DillKickboatJuniorBTS Dill
47Luke PelserKickboatJuniorLuke Pelser
48Kurt BlechaKickboatSeniorKurt Blecha
49Pierre Van Der MerweBoatSeniorPierre Van Der Merwe
50Cameron Van Der MerweBoatJuniorCameron Van Der Merwe
51Chris Van Der MerweBoatJuniorChris Van Der Merwe
52Fracois SteynBoatJuniorFracois Steyn
53Leone SteynBoatJuniorLeone Steyn
54Freddie SteynBoatSeniorFreddie Steyn
55Fritz DippenaarBoatSeniorFritz Dippenaar
56Claude HoffmanBoatSeniorClaude Hoffman
57Lian Le RouxBoatJuniorLian Le |Roux
58Lian Le |RouxBoatJuniorLian Le |Roux