Test your RAR (Record And Release) skills with our WM Mobile APP

Tournament Information

This video will show you exactly how to use the mobile APP to test your your RAR skills Weighmasters RAR youtube video

To ensure that you do not waste valuable fishing and competition time use this tournament to learn how to use our mobile APP and sharpen your RAR (Record and Release) skills from the comfort of your living room.


1.  Install our APP. You can get it in Google Play store or IOS APP store.

2. Please give access for the WM APP to: 

  • read your location (Your tournament weighmaster uses this to verify that your fish were caught on the allocated water. This is not public information.),
  • use your camera (This is so that you can take pictures or videos of your fish trough the App)
  • access to your gallery or photos (We save a backup copy of your footage in your gallery or photos on IOS so that you have access to the same footage as the Weighmaster in case of a dispute)
  • Note the WM APP will not work correctly for RAR competitions without these permissions

3. When installed go to the settings button on the APP and sign in with your Weighmasters account. If you do not yet have an account, you can register thought the APP. You will automatically be signed in once you have successfully registered.

4. Go to the events pages. Find this tournament and click on the “ticket” icon. It is the one on the far right. Now enter any other details that maybe asked. Move the slider to the right to indicate you accept the “terms and conditions” and click on the “Enter or Keepnet Button”. You have now entered this tournament.

5. Th next thing to do is to save the competition(s) for this tournament on your mobile. This ensures that you can weigh fish without internet access. Go to the competitions button and click on the Plus ( ) button. This tournament will be listed. Click on the Angler Button. The required competition(s) information will be saved to your phone. At this stage you no longer need internet access to weigh your fish.

6. Click the Back button on the top left to take you back to your competitions page. Your competition(s) at the different venues will be listed in date order. To set one of the competitions as an active competition click on the finger point button next to that competition. It will take you to the weighing page and you are ready to weigh. This competition will remain the active one until you complete or delete it or until you select another one to be the active competition

7. Finally. To return quickly to the weigh/measure page just click on the Weigh button at the bottom of the APP. This will take you back to your last active competition.


Please try absolutely all the functions of the APP. If you break it when testing, then it is our job to fix it before you are in a competition.

You van verify our results here