Outdoors365 / BFSA Money Trail

Tournament Details
NameOutdoors365 / BFSA Money Trail
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceWestern Cape
Number of Competitions5
How many Competitions will count4
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together2
Start Time07:00
End Time16:00
Tournament Ties1 Most Fish 2 Heaviest Bag 3 Heaviest Fish - Not linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2016-11-05
Tournament Points+
SpeciesCompetition PointsTeamsCategories
#This is a linear based Grand Prix system.
#The winner gets the most pointes.
#No fish means 0 points.
#Ties will get the same points.
#The person after the tie will get
#points based on ladder position

Tournament Rules

BFSA Money Trail Rules & Regulations

Competition Day Schedule

6:00…Entry and Registration.

Please Note: NO preference will be given to ‘the earlier you register the better your starting number’. Starting position is done from a random draw after registration and prior to live well checks.

06.30…Live-well checks. Please ensure your live-well is checked and you receive a valid tag….NO TAG – NO START.

07.00…Start of BFSA / Outdoors 365 Money Trail….Starting times may change depending on conditions and BFSA Outdoors 365 officials ruling.

16.00…End of competition…All tags are to be on the tag-board by the sound of the hooter.
All boats are to arrive back between the buoyed area at idle speed. All boats within the buoyed area at the sound of cut-off will be allowed……ANY boats beyond the buoyed area will be disqualified. NO exceptions/excuse’s will be accepted or entered into. 16:30.... Prize Giving

Late entries will be allowed and will only start once the fleet of boats have left and their boats live-well has been checked.

Starting Procedure:

There will be NO mass start. ALL boats will be assisted with a push-off and leave as per drawn number between buoyed area at idle speed.
All entrants are to wear life jackets at all times whilst under power as well as the skipper to have attached his ‘kill-switch’ at all times whilst under power.
The buoyed area is a “no wake zone”
Failure to comply with the above will result in immediate disqualification.


Competition Venues:

The venues chosen by the organisers will be 'SET IN STONE' and NO deviation from the venue times or how the venue or "BFSA Money Trail is run will be entertained, other than by the organisers and their officials.


Prize Money:

The BFSA / Outdoors 365 Money Trail is allocated to the first five (5) heaviest bags on a sliding scale.  Should there be a tie for first place, the monies will be shared evenly.

* The BFSA / Outdoors 365 Money Trail is a Heaviest Bag prize per team only.

(SABAA Rules, point per fish and point per kilo)

* There is NO prize money for the heaviest fish; it goes towards your bag weight.


1. Tournament Rules:

The tournament will be organised by "Outdoors 365/BFSA", herein referred to as the Organiser.

1.1) The rules will remain as set out and will not change unless extreme circumstances. The event can and will be shortened/postponed or cancelled due to unsafe water and weather conditions. Entrant's safety is paramount at all times.

1.2.1) The BFSA MONEY TRAIL entry fee is R400.00 per team of maximum two (2) anglers.Should an entry wish to fish alone the same fee is applicable*. Entry fees are non-refundable and are paid in CASH on the day of the event. NO CHEQUES or CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED. NB: Please note that the entry fee into the competition does not include any other expense you may incur related to the event. You are liable for all the fees required to gain access to any one of the venues which would include boat, bakkie/car and gate fees.

1.2.2) * A team may consist of two(2) senior anglers.

1.3) All anglers enter the BFSA / OUTDOORS 365 MONEY TRAIL voluntarily and at their own risk. The organisers and their officials are indemnified from any personal liabilities whatsoever that may be incurred by any person whilst travelling to, or from, or during the days tournament.

1.4) All anglers are to be in possession of a valid Angling licence as well as Skippers Licence (driver of the vessel) and the boat being duly registered as required by law.

1.5) Angling shall be permitted from boats only. NO shore angling .  Angling will be with the use of artificial lures only. NO TROLLING with the main motor is allowed as well as only ONE rod per angler is to be (used) in the water at an given time. (No restriction as to how many rods an angler carries on his boat) .  Standard Bassmaster Sporting Rules apply.   

1.6) Teams do not have to attend every event, but it is advisable with regards to final season standings.

1.7) BFSA / Outdoors 365 tournament officials reserve the right to board any boat prior/during or after the event.

1.8) Cutoff date for pre-fishing is Midnight on the Sunday preceding the event.


2. Weigh-In:   

2.1) A bag limit of five (5) fish per team/boat, with only five fish on the boat at any given time. NOculling at the weigh station.

2.2) There will be 1 point per fish and point per kg. All fish are to be LIVE fish; dead fish will not count and remain the property of the organisers. (SABAA RULES ) POINT PER FISH TOO

2.3) All fish to be a minimum length of 300mm. Largemouth and Smallmouth offer no difference at the weigh-in.

2.4) Should weigh-in be either at events end or open all day or twice a day, once you have weighed a fish or fishes in, it/they are logged and the balance of your bag remains to be caught. NO changing or swapping of fish will be allowed, to increase your bag weight. Weigh-in times will be given at the day's event.

2.5) Should you weigh your teams five (5) fish prior to the cut-off time, i.e., 11am, and all fish have been weighed and accounted for, it is assumed you have finished/retired from the day's event and will NOT be allowed back on the water for the remainder of the day's competition.

2.6) It is important that a properly aerated live well be used at all times and with possibly a recommended "catch and Release" additive be used to promote the well being of the fish at all times.


3. General:

3.1) This is a "Catch and Release" event.

3.2) Right of Admission reserved.

3.3) Good conduct and Sportsmanship is to be reflected at all times.

3.4) Please obey the 50m casting distance.

3.5) All angling to be conducted from boats only.

3.6) You have to be at the prize giving to receive your prize. NO prizes will be kept for collection. Should you leave prior to prize giving you forfeit your prize.

3.7) Should you experience some sort of equipment failure, (ie...Boat won't start) Please contact the Emergency Number which will be given at each event to give assistance. NO OTHER MEANS OF HELP MAY BE GIVEN OTHER THAN FROM THE ORGANISERS.

3.8) Please do not leave your boat or hand fish to be weighed to another contestant as you will both be disqualified.

3.9) Similarly, NO angler/team is to have close contact with another boat/team, by either exchanging items or help during the competition...You will both be disqualified.

3.10) No keep nets or stringers allowed.

3.11) Any objections/complaints must be lodged, in writing, to the organisers before the close of the weigh-in station. All disputes will be handed and finalised before the end of the tournament.

3.12) The Organisers decision is final.

Failure to comply with any/all of the Rules and Regulations as above will result in disqualification...Any disruptive manner of contestants will result in immediate disqualification and entry to ongoing or further events run under the auspices of the BFSA.


All questions and complaints relating to the BFSA / Outdoors 365 Money Trail  must go to the Tournament Coordinators Billy Miller or Branden Walter.


Billy Miller 082 8903257

Brandin Walter 082 8877484

Entry #NameTeamsCategoriesANGLER1ANGLER2
1Outdoors 365Brandin Walter - brandin@outdoors365.co.zaBilly Miller - billy@outdoors365.co.za
2Bassfishing.co.zaErno MullerKyle Hansen
3ROOIKATTERyan RafflesKabous Vryenhoek
4Quiver MTPRory HeidmannFerdi Black
5Falcon O365Brenden GravenorGrant Douglas
6BassoholicsjoubertLen le Roux - len@sa-logistics.co.za
7AquamarineAllan Ross-WattLee Hodgins
8WegerhoffMark WegerhoffHayden Wegerhoff
9Team sixpackPietman le RouxAnthonie Roux
11Team BluegillKeith TaitWesley Tait
12H2OMike WatersZack Waters
13Red CirclePieter van der Merwe
14PhoenixGrant Huddlestone
15Vadersgawe Varkenelli CustomsIan VersfeldGuy Paulet
16EddlesGas And TacklePieter - pieterp@just.propertyIan Riddell - ianriddell.za@gmail.com
17Abu Garcia / Vega GraphicsJames RobertsVincent de Boer - vegagraphics1@gmail.com
18FagamotoJohn RaynorDavid Ziehl
19Skeeter / BerkleyCobus LouwJames Roberts - james@hancopackaging.co.za
20Johan du PlessisJohan du Plessis
21Greenfish.co.zaAndrew NienaberMalcolm Palmer
22Leisurely PaceIan RunnallsRory Gordan Davis
23Bass TaxiNic DubberGreg Dubber
24Steven VersfeldSteven VersfeldAlison Versfeld
25FPS FreddieFPS FreddieFPS Freddie
26Quiver 2Quiver 2Quiver 2
27Ramrod SBCRamrod SBCRamrod SBC
28Sparklet ElectricalSparklet ElectricalSparklet Electrical
29Justy VarkevisserJusty Varkevisser
30FPS AttorneysFreddie SteynAltus
31Boating ShedBoating ShedBoating Shed