Land Rover Summer Bass Classic 29 October 2016

Tournament Details
NameLand Rover Summer Bass Classic 29 October 2016
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceWestern Province
Number of Competitions1
How many Competitions will count1
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together1
Start Time06:30
End Time16:00
Tournament Ties1 Most Fish 2 Heaviest Bag 3 Heaviest Fish - Not linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2016-10-29
Tournament Points+
SpeciesCompetition PointsTeamsCategories
Small Mouth Bass,1,
Tournament Information


Tournament Rules

Enter ONLINE @  or download the entry form @

Complete rules and indemnity available at tournament briefing.

All anglers to sign an indemnity form prior to start. 

Entry fees are NOT refundable.
Only paid competitors may occupy boats.
All fish weighed will become the property of the organisers.

Unlimited amount of artificial lures may be used.
SAMSA regulations and rules will apply to all vessels and anglers.
Prefish Cut off date 7 Days Prior competition (22 October)
All anglers must attend registration and directors briefing.
Safe boat conduct must be observed at all times.
Life jackets must be worn anytime the combustion engine is operating.
Tournament standings, auxiliary awards and final winners shall be determined by the heaviest fish. 

A total of three smallmouth bass may be weighed by each competitor during the day, only the heaviest will count.

All Float Tubers welcome

A junior is by definition a person under the age of 18 years on the 29th October 2016.
Entries as a JUNIOR are only eligible for JUNIOR PRIZES
Online Entries will only be received up to 19h00 on 26 OCTOBER 2016.
Cash entries from 16h00 at briefing area on 28 OCTOBER 2016.
Tournament directors briefing at 20h00 on 28 OCTOBER 2016.
First 5 starting positions to be auctioned at briefing to the discretion of the organisers
There will be a boat inspection at 05h30 on 29 OCTOBER 2016. Boat inspection may be done at any stage by the organisers.
Starting positions will be determined by date we receive your proof of payment.



CASH ENTRY at Clanwilliam R380 including banking fees.

email or fax the entry and proof of payment to:

Freddie Steyn 


Attention: Freddie Steyn

FAX: 021 982 2509 




Bank: Absa 

Acc #: 9083445224 

Branch #: 632005 


Prize winners must PERSONALLY collect their prizes, or otherwise WILL be forfeited.






Entry #NameTeamsCategoriesANGLER1
1Auction 1SkipperSeniorAuction 1
2Auction 2SkipperSeniorAuction 2
3Auction 3SkipperSeniorAuction 3
4Auction 4SkipperSeniorAuction 4
5Auction 5SkipperSeniorAuction 5
6Quiver Kevin GaynorSkipperSeniorKevin Gaynor
7WCBAA Junior-JuniorWCBAA Junior
8WCBAA Jun Skip Craig FraserSkipperSeniorCraig Fraser -
9WCBAA Jun Skip Malcolm ShirleySkipperSeniorMalcolm Shirley
10WCBAA Jun Skip Steven FriggensSkipperSeniorSteven Friggens -
11WCBAA Jun Skip Ryan RafflesSkipperSeniorRyan Raffles -
12WCBAA Jun Skip Stephan BritsSkipperSeniorStephan Britz -
13Edward KrugerSkipperSeniorEdward Kruger
14Pietman LerouxSkipperSeniorPietman Leroux
15Hannes OberholzerSkipperSeniorHannes Oberholzer
16Leroy ViljoenSkipperSeniorLeroy Viljoen
17Ian VersfeldSkipperSeniorIan Versfeld
18Roy LaingSkipperSeniorRoy Laing
19Henry RobbertseSkipperSeniorHenry Robbertse
20Andre Robbertse-SeniorAndre Robbertse
21Sarel Robbertse-SeniorSarel Robbertse
22Sijbrand Van der SpuySkipperSeniorSijbrand Van der Spuy
23Frikkie Van der Merwe-SeniorFrikkie Van der Merwe
24Chris CordierSkipperSeniorChris Cordier
25Gerrit MostertSkipperSeniorGerrit Mostert
26Mark WegerhoffSkipperSeniorMark Wegerhoff
27Faye Wegerhoff-JuniorFaye Wegerhoff
28Hayden Wegerhoff-JuniorHayden Wegerhoff
29Anthony RoemerSkipperSeniorAnthony Roemer
30Nicholas Van der Vyver-SeniorNicholas Van der Vyver
31Johannes BesterSkipperSeniorJohannes Bester
32Josef Kotze-SeniorJosef Kotze
33Bernice Kotze-JuniorBernice Kotze
34Ewald Kotze-JuniorEwald Kotze
35Ian RiddleSkipperSeniorIan Riddle
36Nico Van ZylSkipperSeniorNico Van Zyl
37Derek Bothwell-SeniorDerek Bothwell -
38Chris Brunt-SeniorChris Brunt
39Rory HeidmanSkipperSeniorRory Heidman
40Ferdinand Black-SeniorFerdinand Black
41Elretha Johnson-SeniorElretha Johnson
42Quiver Partner-SeniorQuiver Partner
43Basil ForbesSkipperSeniorBasil Forbes
44Steven Baily-SeniorSteven Baily
45John Ihlenfeldt-SeniorJohn Ihlenfeldt
46Gideon Lourens -SeniorGideon Lourens
47Heinrich Ihlenfeldt-SeniorHeinrich Ihlenfeldt
48Greg GlasbySkipperSeniorGreg Glasby
49Paul Hills-SeniorPaul Hills
50Chris Jervis-SeniorChris Jervis
51Romy Viljoen-SeniorRomy Viljoen -
52Andrew NienaberSkipperSeniorAndrew Nienaber
53Donovan GreenwaySkipperSeniorDonovan Greenway
54Conrad Martin Botha-SeniorConrad Martin Botha -
55Pierre vd MerweSkipperSeniorPierre vd Merwe
56Albert Thurling-SeniorAlbert Thurling
57Morne Dettmer-SeniorMorne Dettmer
58Fritz DippenaarSkipperSeniorFritz Dippenaar
59Jaco Fourie-SeniorJaco Fourie
60Pieter Van Der MeschtSkipperSeniorPieter van der Mescht
61Dean Van HuyssteenSkipperSeniorDean van Huyssteen
62Hendrik Moitse-SeniorHendrik Moitse
63Jacques Scheffers-SeniorJacques Scheffers
64Piet Johan AndriesSkipperSeniorPiet Johan Andries
65Charles Mitchells-SeniorCharles Mitchells
66Richard Steyn-SeniorRichard Steyn
67Adriaan du Plessis-SeniorAdriaan du Plessis
68Kobus Nel-SeniorKobus Nel
69Jan BruwerSkipperSeniorJan Bruwer
70Manoli EvlambiouSkipperSeniorManoli Evlambiou
71Peter HowarthSkipperSeniorPeter Howarth
72Norman Knaap-SeniorNorman Knaap
73Les Biggs-SeniorLes Biggs
74Isak Grobler-SeniorIsak Grobler
75Mariska grobler-SeniorMariska Grobler
76Werner Tromp-SeniorWerner Tromp
77Jacques Volkwyn-SeniorChase van Ginkel-replaced Jacq
78Johan du Toit-SeniorJohan du Toit
79Vincent De BoerSkipperSeniorVincent de Boer
80Jacoline Van Jaarsveld-SeniorJacoline van Jaarsveld
81Andries Stefanus Botha-SeniorAndries Stefanus Botha
82Andre AckermanSkipperSeniorAndre Ackerman
83Mitty CollettSkipperSeniorMitty Collett
84Willem Johannes Lambrechts-JuniorWillem Johannes Lambrechts -
85Heinrich Von Molendorf-SeniorHeinrich Von Molendorf
86Arthur BrightSkipperSeniorArthur Bright
87Dale Van Staden-SeniorDale Van Staden
88Charne Kruger-SeniorCharne Kruger
89Tim Glen-SeniorTim Glen
90John SteylSkipperSeniorJohn Steyl
91Jason Steyl-SeniorJason Steyl
92Anthony Kurt Gerber Junior-SeniorAnthony Gerber Junior
93Michael Malan-SeniorMichael Malan
94David Enticott-SeniorDavid Enticott
95Rodney Bothwell-SeniorRodney Bothwell
96Johan le roux-Seniorjohan le roux -
97Jannie BothaSkipperSeniorJannie Botha
98Herman De Bruyn-SeniorHerman De Bruyn
99Herman Faber-JuniorHerman Faber
100Bruce CurnicSkipperSeniorBruce Curnic
101Rhean Van Der SchyffSkipperSeniorRhean Van Der Schyff
102Lehan De Beer-JuniorLehan de Beer
103Niel LaubscherSkipperSeniorNiel Laubscher
104Ruan De Beer-JuniorRuan De Beer Land Rover
105Charl Laubscher-JuniorCharl Laubscher
106Johan de BeerSkipperSeniorJohan De Beer
107Anthony Gerber-SeniorAnthony Gerber
108Sheldon Knaggs-SeniorSheldon Knaggs
109Andrew Fisher-SeniorAndrew Fisher
110Bruce Hopkins-SeniorBruce Hopkins
111Riaan Aproskie-SeniorRiaan Aproskie -
112Jason fraser-JuniorJason Fraser -
113Haro Loots-JuniorHanro Loots -
114Michael Blignaut-JuniorMichael Blignaut -
115Liam Pelser-JuniorLiam Pelser -
116Luke Pelser-JuniorLuke Pelser
117Luc Strydom -Juniorluc Strydom
118Petrus DuPreez-JuniorPetrus DuPreez
119Angus Crowther-JuniorAngus Crowther -
120Maddy Robberste-JuniorMaddy Robbertse
121Johnnie Enderstein-SeniorJohnnie Enderstein ? 2 payment
122Du Toit Engelbrecht-JuniorDu Toit Engelbrecht
123Gideon EngelbrechtSkipperSeniorGideon Engelbrecht
124Henno Senekal-SeniorHenno Senekal
125Hanlo de Klerk-JuniorHanlo de Klerk
126John-Hunter Visser-JuniorJohn-Hunter Visser
127Freddie -
128Melanie Steyn-SeniorMelanie Steyn
129Francois Steyn-SeniorFrancois Steyn
130Leone Steyn-SeniorLeone Steyn
131Alison Versfeld-SeniorAlison Versfeld
132Steven Versfeld-SeniorSteven Versfeld -
133Eric Goodall-SeniorEric Goodall
134Alfie Nagel-SeniorAlfie Nagel
135Anthony Gerber Senior-JuniorAnthony Gerber Senior
136Dean Ruthenberg-SeniorDean Ruthenberg
137Steven FriggensSkipperJuniorSteven Friggens
138Ivan StavrevSkipperSeniorIvan Stavrev
139Valentina Stavrev-SeniorValentina Stavrev
140Elretha Johnson-SeniorElretha Johnson
141Mienke le Roux-JuniorMienke le Roux
142Simon van Wyk-SeniorSimon van Wyk
143Leon van Dijk-SeniorLeon van Dijk
144Alta Laing-SeniorAlta Laing
145JP Lickenberg-SeniorJP Lickenberg
146Thomas van Niekerk-SeniorThomas van Niekerk
147David Brunt-JuniorDavid Brunt
148Daniel du Plessis-JuniorDaniel du Plessis
149Michael Du Plessis-JuniorMichael Du Plessis
150Pierre Du Plessis-JuniorPierre Du Plessis
151Reze Botha-JuniorReze Botha
152Johey Botha-SeniorJohey Botha
153Jannie BothaSkipperSeniorJannie Botha
154Neels Botha-SeniorNeels Botha
155Dexter PooleSkipperSeniorDexter Poole
156Cameron van der Merwe-JuniorCameron van der Merwe
157Peter BainSkipperSeniorPeter Bain -
158Shayne Byrne-SeniorShayne Byrne
159James GildenhuysSkipperSeniorJames Gildenhuys
160Mark Beyer-SeniorMark Beyer
161Jarryd Munro-SeniorJarryd Munro
162Ruan de Beer-JuniorRuan De Beer -
163Koos NelSkipperSeniorKoos Nel
164WV Lategan-SeniorWV Lategan
165Marco SteeleSkipperSeniorMarco Steele
166Cherie Steele-SeniorCherie Steele -
167Pierre HuysamenSkipperSeniorPierre Huysamen
168Chris Liebenberg-SeniorChris Liebenberg
169Pascal Ruegg-SeniorPascal Ruegg
170John BulpittSkipperSeniorJohn Bulpitt
171Rob McNeilage-SeniorRob McNeilage
172John GordonSkipperSeniorJohn Gordon
173Piesang du PreezSkipperSeniorPiesang du Preez
174Coetzee Roux-SeniorCoetzee Roux
175Karen Roux-SeniorKaren Roux
176Devlin Richards-SeniorDevlin Richards
177Dawid MoutonSkipperSeniorDawid Mouton
178Gert September-SeniorGert September
179Emile SnartSkipperSeniorEmile Snart
180Lizelle Snart-SeniorLizelle Snart
181Kobus Kriel-SeniorKobus Kriel
182Jaco de Waal-SeniorJaco de Waal
183Trevor LudickSkipperSeniorTrevor Ludick
184Lize Enderstein-SeniorLize Enderstein
185Roy Douglas-HenrySkipperSeniorRoy Douglas-Henry
186Zane Jantjies-JuniorZane Jantjies
187Marco JantjiesSkipperSeniorMarco Jantjies
188Heinrich OckhuisSkipperSeniorHeinrich Ockhuis
189Lee-Grant Bailey-SeniorLee-Grant Bailey
190Francois AckermanSkipperSeniorFrancois Ackerman
191Richard BlairSkipperSeniorRichard Blair -
192Jaco Vesagi-SeniorJaco Vesagi
193Alwyn De Beer-SeniorAlwyn De Beer
194Dan Nelson-SeniorDan Nelson
195Edward Nelson-SeniorEdward Nelson