KBC Kick Boat Challenge 2018-2019

Tournament Details
NameKBC Kick Boat Challenge 2018-2019
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceWestern Cape
Number of Competitions8
How many Competitions will count6
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together1
Start Time07:00
End Time16:00
Tournament Ties1 Most Fish 2 Heaviest Bag 3 Heaviest Fish - Not linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2020-04-12
Tournament Points+
SpeciesCompetition PointsTeamsCategories
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Tournament Information

KBC Kick Boat Challenge 2018-2019

Tournament Rules



1.1. Kick boat Challenge (herein referred to as “KBC”) will be organized by the organisers of the KBC (herein referred to as the “organiser/s”).

1.2. Safety on the water is responsibility of each angler. Safety is extremely important and any angler may be ordered off the water by the organisers for safety reasons.

1.3. Should an angler experience some sort of equipment failure, (for example a puncture) please contact the organiser. Please note no extra time will be given under any circumstances.

1.4. Failure to comply with any of the rules may result in disqualification and/or being prevented for entry to ongoing or further KBC’s or events run under the auspices The Kick Boat Challenge at the sole discretion of the organisers. Said discretion to be exercised bearing in mind any extenuating circumstances and the accepted norms of fair-play to all.

1.5. The rules will remain as set out and will not change unless extreme circumstances. Any change will be made known on KBC social media platforms and at the relevant KBC briefings.

1.6. A KBC can and will be shortened, postponed or cancelled due to unsafe water and weather conditions. Anglers' safety is paramount at all times.

1.7. All anglers enter the KBC voluntarily and at their own risk. The organisers and their officials are indemnified from any personal liabilities whatsoever that may be incurred by any person whilst travelling to, or from, or during the days tournament.

1.8. The organiser’s decision is final.


2.1. Participation in the any KBC shall be at the organisers’ sole discretion. Right of Admission is reserved.

2.2. Fishing will only be allowed from a traditional kick boat (including a float tube, v boat, donut ring tube, pontoon boat). The organisers reserve the right to exclude participation from any craft that, at their discretion, does not fit within the general meaning of “kickboat”.

2.3. Boat propulsion may only be by way of: (1) human powered kicking or rowing; or (2) a single electric trolling motor (subject to the rules set out below).

2.4. The trolling motors may not be over 50lb thrust.

2.5. An angler that uses a trolling motor must make use of an on-board livewell {a container filled with water to the same size specifications as mentioned in Clause 5.4}. This livewell may also be attached elsewhere on the craft or dragged along behind the craft. The purpose of a closed container is to avoid water flowing through the livewell that will cause damage to the fish when traveling at higher speeds than the average kicking angler.

2.6. Anglers using trolling motors will be subject to time penalty resulting in them starting 30 minutes later than the official start time and finishing 30 minutes earlier than the official weigh in time, unless the organizers decide otherwise at different venues. See section 15.

2.7. Any angler being willingly towed or moved by anyone using non-human power will be disqualified or their session deemed ended at the discretion of the organisers. If an angler was towed or moved due to an emergency or equipment failure the organisers may allow any fish weighed in prior to the towing to count towards their overall score. They may not continue to fish for that session.


3.1. No angler may fish or practice or be on the body of water of the given venue of a KBC competition after midnight (00:00) the Sunday before the competition. If caught or sufficient evidence is given that an angler has fished after cut off that angler may be excluded from participating in that and/or future KBC’s at the organisers’ discretion.

3.2. In some cases, the cut-off time may be lengthened, for example if the venue has limited access to the public. Such increase in time will be done in writing by the organisers on the KBC’s social media platforms prior to the competition.


4.1. A briefing will be held by the organisers to inform the anglers of local conditions, arrangements for the TBCs, these rules and deviations thereof where necessary.

4.2. Non-attendance at a briefing will not be accepted as an excuse for ignorance of the arrangements and/or rules in the event of a complaint or objection being raised.

4.3. All anglers must line up along the shoreline on either side of the slipway and must have their feet on the ground i.e.no drifting away from the shore line; a buoy will be in the water to mark the weigh-in area. Exceptions will be made at dams that do not have a sufficient bank, where a buoy will be thrown out and all anglers must be between said buoy and the weigh-in (the nearby bank). Area along the bank is on a first come first serve basis, all anglers must be within a reasonable distance on either side of the weigh-in (or the position of where the weigh-in will be, as indicated by the organisers).


5.1. All anglers must keep their fish in an adequate keep-net (which shall include an on board live-well) during the event.

5.2. An inspection can be carried out at any time by the organisers and any keep-net deemed unfit to keep fish in a healthy state shall result in the angler being disqualified.

5.3. It is each angler’s responsibility to keep the fish in the best possible manner and, if in doubt, the angler should ask the opinion of the organisers before the KBC starts.

5.4. Fish must be able to swim about freely and safely inside the keep-net. Keep-nets must be at least 50cm long, 30cm wide, and 25cm deep although larger is recommended. No stingers under any circumstance. See clause 2.5 for livewell specifications for trolling motor anglers.

5.5. Prior to commencement of the KBC, all keep-nets will be empty.


6.1. Anglers will, at all times, display a high standard of sportsmanship and courtesy to both fellow anglers and members of the public.

6.2. This is a "Catch and Release" event and the principles of conservation will be promoted at all times. Any angler found littering or causing unnecessary damage to fish will be disqualified at the discretion of the organisers.


7.1. Only the angler may handle his catch to be weighed and presented for scoring.

7.2. If, at any stage, a fish in the keep-net looks like it may be dying the angler is permitted to weigh and release said fish subject to the following:

7.2.1. the weighing must be done by an official organiser only,

7.2.2. the fish weight will be rounded down to the lowest 100g (for example a fish weighing 1.795g will count as a fish of 1.7kg)

7.2.3. once the fish has been so weighed it counts towards the angle’s daily fish limit and cannot be culled/upgraded; and 7.2.4. it is the angler’s responsibility to find the organiser to weigh the fish.(The organisers should be phoned on the water if there is a query regarding a turning fish, and a decision will be made at the discretion of the organiser and taking cell phone reception into consideration)

7.3. The finishing / weigh-in / cut-off time will be clearly indicated by the organisers (and must strictly be adhered to. A hooter will be sounded to indicate the cut-off time for the days fishing) Should any angler’s boat not be within the boundaries of the waiting area at such time, their catch for that session will be disqualified at the
discretion of the organisers, bearing in mind any extenuating circumstances and the accepted norms of fair-play to all.

7.4. If an angler is disqualified for being late but has weighed fish earlier these fish will count towards their overall score. Only fish that have yet to be weighed will not count.

7.5. Any angler who is late solely due to that angler rendering emergency assistance to another angler may, at the discretion of the organisers, have their catch weighed if they provide satisfactory proof of such assistance given.


8.1. The session or daily fish limit will be 3 (three) fish.

8.2. At no time may an angler have more than 4 (four) fish in his keep-net.

8.3. No culling shall take place in the vicinity of the weigh station or in the waiting area between the buoy and the bank. (Anglers are advised to cull on the water as soon as possible, or to do so outside of the 35m radius around the weigh-in area. The marker buoy acts as the 35m radius from the weigh station, so all culling to take place outside of this area.)


9.1. Scoring will be one point for each live healthy fish, plus one point per kilogram or part thereof (e.g. a live healthy fish weighing 0.750 kilogram is equal to 1.750 points).

9.2. As fish health is deemed a priority to the KBC; in the event that a fish is dead or dying or physically unhealthy due to its confinement in a keep-net the one point per fish will not be awarded. A fish struggling to swim once released shall be deemed to be dying. The final decision is at the discretion of the organisers.

9.3. The overall season positions will be determined by adding up the angler’s best 6 (out of the available 8) completion points using the scoring system set out above plus Positional Bonus Points (aka Grand Prix Points). The Positional Bonus Points (Grand Prix Points) will be allocated as follows: the winner of each event will be given 50 points, second place 49 point and so forth. Only anglers who weigh fish will be allocated bonus points.

9.4. Each angler has to be at the prize giving to receive his prize. No prizes will be kept for collection and non-attendance will result in a forfeiting the prize.



10.1. Only Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass and/or Smallmouth Bass measuring 300 mm and over will be acceptable for weighing. The measurement is to be from the outer extremities of the closed mouth to the outer tip of the tail, with the fish placed on a flat surface.

10.2. Any undersize fish presented to the weigh-master will be rejected and the angler will receive a 1 point penalty on is scoring for the day.

10.3. No angler may allow any fish caught by him to be added to the score of any other angler. In such an event both anglers shall be disqualified and subject to disciplinary procedures.

10.4. Fish shall not be transferred to another craft for any reason whatsoever other than for weigh as set out in Rule 7.2

10.5. The intentional introduction of materials that cause an increase in weight/mass of a fish by an angler shall be deemed will be just cause for the disqualification of the angler concerned.

10.6. Any foreign object protruding in any way from the fish must be safely removed and not count towards the weight. For the avoidance of doubt such foreign objects will include partially swallowed or regurgitated prey / food and any fishing tackle (all hooks must be safely removed from fish before weigh inn)


11.1. Angling may only take place with a recognised rod and reel, with only 1 (one) wet line in use at any one time.

11.2. An angler must catch, fight and land the fish, without having to resort to changing the cover (breaking off trees etc.) to enable the fish to be landed, nor may he intentionally fully leave his boat to retrieve a fish caught in undergrowth whilst fighting the fish.

11.3. An angler must catch, fight and land the fish without any assistance from another angler.

11.4. No angler may fish while standing on the bank. Should an angler be reported or seen doing this by one of
the organisers, his days catch will be disqualified.

11.5. Angling will be with artificial lures only.

11.6. No live-bait or prepared organic bait shall be permitted.


12.1. No angler may fish/cast within the buoy area that is allocated at the start of each days fishing.

12.2. No angler may fish within a distance of closer than 35 meters to another boat if that boat is already in a position and active fishing, except by mutual consent.

12.3. If an angler allows any one angler into his casting distance radius, he or she is not obliged to let any other anglers in and will be at the sole discretion of the angler who first occupied such space.

12.4. Anglers may be disqualified if encroachment is made on out-of-bounds areas, which have been declared as such at the competition briefing.


13.1. Any protest is to be submitted in writing to the organising committee no later than 60 minutes after the last weigh-in session for that day or as soon as practicable after the protester has become aware of the rules violation.


14.1. Only SABAA members can qualify for Divisional selection.

14.2. Membership fee is R100 for the year and to be paid at the beginning of the season

14.3. Only FLW members can qualify for The FLW SA small craft tournament held annually


1. Clanwilliam @ 100% full: 20mins
2. Bulshoek @ 100% full: 20mins
3. Poortjies (Based on a full dam currently extreme low levels): 15mins at low level (< 50%); 20mins at high level (>50%)
4. Breede @ Goudmyn: 15mins
5. Buffeljags: 20mins
6. Lomond: 15mins
7. Bulshoek: 20mins
8. Breede at Riverzicht: 15mins

 Entry fee for 2018/2019 KBC season will be R250.00

 1 & 2 September FLW South Africa Small Craft Tournament
 22 & 23 September KBC Clanwilliam dam
 13 & 14 October KBC Bulshoek dam
 10 & 11 November KBC Poortjies Kloof dam
 8 December KBC Breede River
 26 & 27 January KBC Buffeljags dam
 23 February KBC Lomond
 30 & 31 March KBC Bulshoek dam  27 April KBC Breede River The KBC Organising Team

 27 April KBC Breede River

Entry #NameTeamsCategoriesANGLER1
1Dwain PaulDwain Paul
2Jaco De WitJaco De Wit
3Michael EksteenMichael Eksteen
4Eddles Gas and TacklePieter
5Werner du ToitWerner du Toit
6Fritz DippenaarFritz Dippenaar
7Blue Water GearRoy Bwg
8Barend BrandBarend Brand
9Roy Douglas HenryRoy
10Tommy EckleyTommy Eckley
11Richard BlairRichard Blair
12Matthew PeroMatthew Pero
13Ross SherwoodRoss Sherwood
14Dion ViljoenDion Viljoen
15Coenie FourieCoenie Fourie
16Brent Carney Wolf Lures Pro StaffBrent Carney Wolf Lures Pro Staff
17ShamwariJulian Coetzee
18Warren CampbellWarren Campbell
19Wesley DullisearWesley Dullisear
20Shaldon ScheepersShaldon Scheepers
21Hendrik BrandHendrik Brand
22Jared Jed KrugerJared Kruger
23Malcolm PalmerMalcolm Palmer
24Crossman LuresCraig Crossman
25Pieter Van Der MerwePieter Van Der Merwe
26Dietmar De KlerkDietmar De Klerk
27Charles PitoutCharles Pitout
28Dean Van HuyssteenDean Van Huyssteen
29Vaughn HarrisVaughn Harris
30Jc MaritzJc Maritz
31Kurt BlechaKurt Blecha
32Trevor LudickTrevor Ludick
33Pieter PiekPieter
34Roy De WetRoy De Wet Bwg
35Grant SnowballGrant
36Sarah CrossmanSarah Crossman
38Johan StemmetJohan Stemmet
39Deon RossouwDeon Rossouw
40Michael SwartMichael Swart
41Tiekie MorkelTiekie Morkel
42StefanStefan Visser
43Craig AustinCraig Austin
44Josh WeerdenburgJosh Weerdenburg
45Nick WeerdenburgNick Weerdenburg
46Josh KiggenJosh Kiggen
47Jason VorsterJason Vorster
48Jc SmitJc Smit
49Quinton VenterQuinton Venter
50Vlok BauermeisterVlok Bauermeister
51Riaan EngelbrechtRiaan Engelbrecht
52Eric van VuurenCarl Erik Van Vuuren
53Lone RangerDavid
54Jaco CoetzeeJaco Coetzee
55Sean SergeantSean Sergeant
56David OppermanDavid Opperman
57Gerrit JonkerGerrit Jonker
58Thomas Du PreezThomas Du Preez
59Hanro LootsHanro Loots
60Rudi HerrmannRudi Herrmann