BFSA KBT WESTERN CAPE 2017/2018 Season

Tournament Details
NameBFSA KBT WESTERN CAPE 2017/2018 Season
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceWestern Cape
VenueBulshoek Dam
Number of Competitions7
How many Competitions will count5
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together1
Start Time06:30
End Time16:00
Tournament Ties1 Most Fish 2 Heaviest Bag 3 Heaviest Fish - Linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2017-09-09
Tournament Points+
SpeciesCompetition PointsTeamsCategories
Large Mouth,0,
Tournament Information


Venues and dates:

1. 9th and 10th September Bulshoek Dam

2. 7th and 8th October Poortjies Kloof Dam

3. 4th and 5th November Clanwilliam Dam

4. 20th January Breede River

5. 3rd and 4th February Bulshoek Dam

6. 3rd March Mofam ( subject to change)

7. 7th and 8th April Buffeljags Dam

Tournament Rules







  1. The tournament will be organized by "", herein referred to as the organiser/s


  1. Safety on the water is responsibility of each angler. Safety is extremely important and any angler may be ordered off the water by the organisers for safety reasons.


  1. Should an angler experience some sort of equipment failure, (like for instance a puncture) please contact the organiser.


  1. Failure to comply with any of the rules may result in disqualification and/or being prevented for entry to ongoing or further events run under the auspices of the at the sole discretion of the Organisers. Said discretion to be exersised bearing in mind any extenuating circumstances and the accepted norms of fair-play to all.


  1. The rules will remain as set out and will not change unless extreme circumstances. Any change will be made know on and at the relevant Competition Briefing.


  1. The event can and will be shortened, postponed or cancelled due to unsafe water and weather conditions. Entrant's safety is paramount at all times.


  1. All anglers enter the KBT voluntarily and at their own risk. The organisers and their officials are indemnified from any personal liabilities whatsoever that may be incurred by any person whilst travelling to, or from, or during the days tournament.


  1. The organiser’s decision is final.




  1. Participation in the any KBT event shall be at the organisers’ sole discretion. Right of Admission is reserved.


  1. Fishing will be allowed from a float tube, v boat, donut ring tube, pontoon boat or any other similar craft given prior approval by the organisers only. Oars are allowed.


  1. Subject to Rule 2.4 below all boat propulsion must be man powered only. For the avoidance of doubt, any angler being willingly towed or moved by anyone using no-human power will be disqualified or his session deemed ended at the discretion of the organisers. If an angler was towed or moved due to an emergency or equipment failure the organisers may allow any fish weighed in prior to the towing to count towards his overall score. He may not continue to fish for that session.


  1. An electric motor may only be used by prior permission of the organisers. 


  1. Said permission may be granted at the discretion of the organisers if an angler has a valid medical condition that does not allow him the full use of his lower torso without discomfort, such as knee, ankle or kidney problems etc.


  1. Anglers using electric motors will be subject to time penalty resulting in them starting later than the official start time and finishing earlier than the official weigh in time. On large dams, like Poortjies, Clanwilliam and Bulshoek, the time penalty will be a 20 minutes each way and 10 minutes for the smaller dam. Said time penalties are subject to the organisers’ discretion and maybe amended at the Competition Briefing.




  1. No angler may fish or practice the venue of the KBT after midnight the Sunday before the competition.


  1. In some cases, this restriction may be lengthened, for example if the venue has limited access to the public. Such increase in time will be done in writing by the organisers on




  1. A briefing will be held by the Organisers to inform the anglers of local conditions, arrangements for the competition, these rules and deviations there form where necessary.


  1. Non-attendance at a briefing will not be accepted as an excuse for ignorance of the arrangements and/or rules in the event of a complaint or objection being raised.






  1. All anglers must keep their fish in an adequate keepnet (which shall including an on board livewell) during the event.


  1. An inspections can be carried out at any time by the organisers and any keepnet deemed unfit to keep fish in a healthy state shall result in the angler being disqualified.


  1. It is each angler’s responsibility to keep the fish in the best possible manner and, if in doubt, the angler should ask the opinion of the organisers before the competition starts.


  1. For the avoidance of doubt, a keepnet must large enough that the fish can swim about freely and safely inside. No stingers under any circumstance.


  1. Prior to commencement of the competition, all keepnet will be empty.





  1. Anglers will, at all times, display a high standard of sportsmanship and courtesy to both fellow anglers and members of the public.


  1. This is a "Catch and Release" event and the principles of conservation will be promoted at all times. Any angler found littering or causing unnecessary damage to fish will be disqualified at the discretion of the organisers.





  1. Only the angler may handle his catch to be weighed and presented for scoring.


  1. If, at any stage fish, in the keepnet looks like it may be dying the angler is permitted to weigh and release said fish subject to the following:


  1. the weighing must be witness and/or done by another angler,


  1. once the fish has been so weighed it counts towards the angle’s daily fish limit and can not be culled/upgraded.


  1. photographs of the fish being held by the angler showing the fishing area and of the scale showing the weight must be taken where possible,


  1. within 10 minutes of the fish being weighed the angler must notify the organiser that a fish has been weighed, giving the time it was done, the name of the witness and its weight. A text or similar message being sent will be sufficient even if the organiser does not receive such message due to signal failure.


  1. The Finishing / Weigh-in / Cut-off Time will be clearly indicated by the organisers, who will also give a 5 minute warning if possible. Should any angler’s boat not be within the boundaries of the waiting area at such time, his catch for that session will be disqualified at the discretion of the organisers, bearing in mind any extenuating circumstances and the accepted norms of fair-play to all.


  1. If an angler is disqualified for being late but has weighed fish earlier these fish will count towards his overall score. Only fish that have yet to be weighed will not count.


  1. Any competitor rendering emergency assistance to another competitor which results in his late arrival may have his catch weighed if he provides satisfactory proof of such assistance given.




  1. The session or daily fish limit will be 3 (three) fish.


  1. At no time may an angler have more than 4 (four) fish in his keepnet.


  1. No culling shall take place in the vicinity of the weigh station or in the waiting area.






  1. Scoring will be one point for each live fish, plus one point per kilogram, or part thereof. In the event of a dead fish the one point per fish will not be awarded, e.g. a live healthy fish weighing 0.750 kilogram is equal to 1.750 points.


  1. A fish that is "gilling" shall be deemed to be alive, and the final decision is at the discretion of the organisers.


  1. The overall season positions will be determined by adding up the angler’s best 5 (out of the available 7) completion points using the scoring system set out above plus Positional Bonus Points.  The Positional Bonus Points will be allocated as follows: the winner of each event will be given 40 points, second place 39 point and so forth. Only anglers who weigh fish will be allocated bonus points.


  1. Each angler has to be at the prize giving to receive his prize. No prizes will be kept for collection and non attendance will result in a forfeiting the prize.




  1. Only Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass and/or Smallmouth Bass measuring 300 mm and over will be acceptable for weighing. The measurement is to be from the outer extremities of the closed mouth to the outer tip of the tail, with the fish placed on a flat surface.


  1. Any undersize fish presented to the weigh-master will encounter a penalty of ½ (one-half) a point off the angler’s score and that fish will be rejected, but WILL count as portion of the session / daily limit.


  1. No angler may allow any fish caught by him to be added to the score of any other angler. In such an event both anglers shall be disqualified and subject to disciplinary procedures.


  1. Fish shall not be transferred to another boat for any reason whatsoever other than for weigh as set out in Rule 7.2


  1. The intentional introduction of materials that cause an increase in weight/mass of a fish by an angler shall be deemed will be just cause for the disqualification of the angler concerned.


  1. Any foreign object protruding in any way from the fish must be safely removed and not count towards the weight. For the avoidance of doubt such foreign objects will include partially swallowed or regurgitated prey / food and any fishing tackle. 




  1. Angling may only take place with a recognised rod and reel, with only 1 (one) wet line in use at any one time.


  1. An angler must catch, fight and land the fish, without having to resort to changing the structure (breaking off trees etc.) to enable the fish to be landed, nor may he intentionally fully leave his boat to retrieve a fish caught on undergrowth whilst fighting the fish.


  1. Angling will be with artificial lures only.


  1. No "live bait" or prepared organic bait shall be permitted.





  1. No angler may fish within a distance of closer than 35 meters to another boat if that boat is already in a position and active fishing, except by mutual consent.


  1. If an angler allows any one angler into his casting distance radius, he is then obliged to allow any angler into this area.


  1. Anglers may be disqualified if encroachment is made on out- of-bounds areas, which have been declared as such at the Competition Briefing.





  1. Any protest is to be submitted in writing to the organising committee no later than 60 minutes after the last weigh-in session for that day or as soon as practicable after the protester has become aware of the rules violation




 Contact: Roy de Wet 073 173 7151

Contact:  Barend Brand 076 532 7024

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