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SABAA BFSA Western Cape Money Trail



Tournament Rules

1.    Participation
       A.    All SABAA affiliated members undertake to abide by the SABAA constitution, code of conduct, sportsmanship and conservation policies. 
       B.    All trail anglers to adhere to all SABAA tournament rules unless specifically specified otherwise below. 
       C.    No trail angler competing in any of the participating SABAA TTT’s, will be eligible to enter the Team Super Final, unless he is affiliated to SABAA and BASS, from the first tournament event of a season
       D.    An off limits period will be in effect for each event
              *    No angler may fish for the 7 days preceding an event
              *    No SABAA affiliated angler may fish during any SABAA cutoff period to which it applies
              *    The super final Pre-fishing cut-off is midnight of 19 Nov 2017 
2.    Entry
       A.    Entry into an event is subject to: 
              *    Paying a team entry fee before the start of the tournament and entering on
              *    Signing an indemnity waiver form prior to fishing an event
       B.    Team members can change during the season but your team name must remain the same 
              *    An angler cannot change teams during the season (ie. Fish for two different teams) 
3.    Membership to SABAA and BASS
       A.    SABAA membership fees – R 100 per angler per season.
       B.    BASS membership fees – USD 10 per angler per season (approx. R 140)
       C.    Anglers registration for SABAA membership may be done on the website. 

4.    The 2017 Team Super Final
       A.    Venue will be Heyshope Dam on 2 - 3 Dec 2017
       B.    The top 6 teams for 2017 will qualify for the super final event
       C.    In order to qualify, team members must have fished at least half the qualifying WCMT events 
       D.    Events 1 – 4 will be used to qualify for the 2017 championship 

5.    BASS Team Championships USA 
       A.    For 2017 the SABAA TTT will offer a minimum of 2 team slots - 1 fully sponsored and 1 partially sponsored 
       B.    Slot winners for a current year will qualify to compete in the USA BASS Team Championships for the following year.
       C.    Slot winners will be given until 28 February of the following year, to commit to the taking up of their slot, failing which, the slot will be passed down to the next team in line. 
       D.    Current slot winners will have to sign an undertaking to compete in their local Team Tournament Trail for at least the following year. 

6.    Dates & Venues 
       A.    The WCMT committee reserves all rights to change the venue before a tournament 
       B.    Starting times will be determined by the organising committee 
       C.    Starting sequence will be determined by random draw . If you are late for the draw you will start last. 
       D.    Venue specific rules will be highlighted prior to the competition or during the briefing on the day of the competition 

7.    Scoring 
        A.    A point for each live fish, plus one point per kilogram of mass of live fish only will be awarded for event points 
       B.    A team will gain 1 participation point per event fished 
       C.    The participation grand prix point plus event points will determine your event ranking. 
       D.    The season standings will be based on a grand prix system 



Andrew Locke See Andrew's Profile

Andy de Jager  See Andy's Profile

Tournament Details
NameSABAA BFSA Western Cape Money Trail 2017-2018
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceWestern Cape
Number of Competitions6
How many Competitions will count6
Minimum Anglers in a team1
Maximum Anglers in a team2
Start Time07:00
End Time16:00
Tournament Ties1 Most Fish 2 Heaviest Bag 3 Heaviest Fish - Not linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2017-09-30
Species, Points, Divisions and Categories
SpeciesCompetition PointsDivisionsCategories
Entry #NameDivisionCategoryANGLER1ANGLER2
1www.weighmasters.netJohan LandmanAlbert Olivier
2Andrew LockeAndrew Locke
3Berkley / Vega GraphicsJames
4Varkenlli Customs 1Rowan (Guy Paulet)
5Vadersgawe VC JoubertIan Versfeld
6EchoJohan Du Plessis
7Team BFSAErno MullerJohn French
8Dean Van HuyssteenDean Van HuyssteenDean Van Huyssteen
9Team AsureAlbertusLorinda
10Ryan RafflesRyan RafflesTyrone nel
11Team boating shedJohn RaynorDavid Ziehl
12Team AbuMorne StrydomRobin Cochius
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