Team Tournament Trail – SABAA Membership Registration

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Annual SABAA Membership Registration


For all SABAA affiliated Team Tournament Trails competitors.

In order for all SABAA affiliated Tournament Trail competitors to qualify for the annual Team Super Final event, they must be registered SABAA members.


The first step is to register yourself for SABAA membership on and then pay the annual R 100 SABAA membership fee.


You may pay the R 100 by either credit card through the this website, or choose to pay the amount through your local Team Tournament Trail.


 Once your R 100 payment has been received by SABAA, your membership will be validated and you will receive a unique SABAA membership number.


 You must to register through this website, even if you choose to pay your R 100 SABAA membership fee, through your local Team Tournament Trail.


Please contact your local Team Tournament Trail representative for more information in this regard.