Northern Division Season 2015/2016

Tournament Details
NameNorthern Division Season 2015/2016
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceNorthern Division
Number of Competitions6
How many Competitions will count4
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together1
Start Time07:00
End Time16:00
Tournament Tiebreakers1 Heaviest Bag 2 Heaviest Fish - Linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2017-06-26
Tournament Points+
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Tournament Information

Northern Division Season 2014/2015

Tournament Rules

Condensed Rules – Addendum to the constitution of SABAA as By-Laws

Applies to all Northern Division, Provincial, League Competitions and/or Regionals.


(In all cases, the ruling of the tournaments officer is final at any fishing venue regarding these rules. The appeal process is available to all anglers and should be followed exactly in order to expedite the appeal process)

TOURNAMENT OFFICER:                                                                                                                                                                  


  1. All anglers must be in possession of a valid freshwater angling permit if applicable to the waters being fished.
  2. All anglers must be in possession of a valid Skipper licence and relevant COF and COC certificates.
  3. Anglers must be registered as a current Competitive angler with SABAA to compete in divisional’s. No casual Anglers allowed.
  4. All anglers must sign a ND Regional entry and waiver form prior to regional competitions. If the angler does not sign this form then that angler will not be allowed to fish events. This implies all rules are understood and accepted.
  5. No angler will be allowed to participate in any event if any fees prescribed by the association and due to their respective provinces, Northern Division or Association in general are outstanding.
  6. Any angler affiliated to SABAA, whether they are Competitive, Non Competitive and/or Juniors may not fish or explore the venue within the cut-off period 5-days prior to any tournament. No club competition is to be held by any club, in the division, the weekend before a divisional, on the same venue. A R1000.00 fine per Senior Competitive Member will be levied against the offending club.
  7. Anglers may not be on the tournament waters within above cut-off time. Boat or equipment for propulsion can be tested with permission from the tournaments officer although such testing must be done in full view of other competitors with no fishing rods on the boat.
  8. Specific areas in dams may be closed to any form of angling especially during spawning season. Anglers must obtain dates of closures from club chairmen. A penalty of R1000.00 will be levied on the club of anglers transgressing this rule.
  9. Anglers representing South Africa at International Level and consequently missing a Regional/Divisional Fish-off will be awarded average GP Recognition Points for such an event, calculated on performance of the Angler over the last season, or based on performance at such a venue being missed over a 2 or 3 year period.
  10. Starting Positions will be determined by the highest ranking angler on the boat and will be a staggered start.



2.1        Appeal Process: (must be followed step by step as indicated below)

  1. An angler’s fish will be weighed pending results from appeals lodged against disqualification.
  2. During back-to-back competitions, transgressions must be dealt with by the tournament officer(s) daily.
  3. Anglers must be informed (prior to start of the fishing session on the following day) of any ruling made by tournament officer.
  4. A detailed appeal in writing must be submitted to the transgressors club chairman whom will rule if the appeal is valid and justified.
  5. The club chairman will then submit this appeal to their provincial executive for handling and ruling by an appointed disciplinary committee where and when necessary.
  6. If the angler/s is still convinced that they have been penalized in an unfair or prejudicial manner then they can request that their provincial chairman send their appeal to the Northern Divisional Chairman for consideration.
  7. The ruling of the Divisional Executive is final and no appeal may be directed beyond the Northern Divisional Executive unless the ruling is unconstitutional.
  8. Failure to adhere to this process will result in the angler losing the right to appeal any ruling reached; in addition to which the Divisional Executive may impose any other censure it may deem necessary to ensure that the process is adhered to by both the club and the angler in the future.

2.2        Arriving Late: (After boat inspection, briefing)

  1. Angler must find & report to the tournament officer
  2. R50.00 fine is levied against the angler’s club and is payable by the Angler.
  3. Angler will only depart after his boat has been inspected and all other competitors have left launch area.

2.3        Arriving Late: (After start of fishing event, the individual must comply before he/she may start to fish.)

  1. You must find the tournament officer or designated officials,
  2. You must have your boat checked and obtain your disk.
  3. Failing to do any of the above will result in automatic disqualification (no exceptions).

2.4        Arriving Late: (After cut-off time for fishing session) 

  1. If disc is not on board or in any other official receptacle provided, at cut-off time you are deemed to be late.
  2. Arriving late for weigh-in results in an automatic disqualification for that fishing session.
  3. Any fish caught by anglers deemed late are not considered for scoring purposes.

3.      BOATS:

3.1        Compulsory Equipment:

  1. All boats must be fitted with a functioning aerated or fresh water supply type live well of adequate size.
  2. Life jacket for each angler.
  3. Smoke flare or red flag 400 x 400mm.
  4. Functioning kill-switch – non function of switch will result in penalties the same as:

Arriving late (After boat inspection, briefing), ie R50 fine

Unless otherwise determined the angler must prove the function of the kill–switch as they leave through the buoys to begin the fishing session. If the angler is unable to restart their main engine then they must use their electric motor and move out of the way of other boats immediately. Until the rectification of the fault is indicated to the tournaments officer, this outboard may not be utilised during any SABAA sanctioned event.

  1. Fire Extinguisher (min 1.5kg capacity) – have fire extinguisher checked yearly as per legal requirements.
  2. Minimum of two means of propulsion (oars & trolling motor)(main engine & oars) or (main engine & trolling motor).
  3. Bailing bucket of at least 5 litre capacity.


3.2        Occupants:

  1. Maximum two anglers per boat.
  2. Must wear life jackets while main engine is running under all conditions (compulsory). Failure to wear a lifejacket is subject to a R100 fine against the angler. A second offence will levy a R500 fine and third offence in R1000 fine and disqualification for the season.
  3. Competitors may not consume alcohol or be under the influence of any forbidden substance while on the water.
  4. Skipper of craft must be of legal age in terms of Marine Safety Act.

3.3        Safety:

i)       Boats must be of such design, size and construction to ensure the safety of the occupants and other competitors. Boats deemed unsafe will not be allowed to participate in the tournament.

ii)       Standard Safety Rules pertaining to the local waters shall be followed, including, ”rule of the road” rules.


i)          All competitors must be ready for boat inspection 30 min before start time.

  1. Have your compulsory safety equipment on boat deck together with licenses and open live well ready for boat inspection.
  2. All competitors must attend the briefing or Captains meeting held before the tournament start.
  3. Non-attendance at a briefing will not be accepted as an excuse for ignorance of arrangements and/or rules in the event of a complaint or objection being raised.


  1. Must be in writing.
  2. Must be submitted to tournament officer within 30 minutes of cut-off time of that days fishing session.
  3. Must be accompanied by a R50.00 deposit.

6.      FISH:

  1. Maximum of 5 fish per angler – minimum size 300mm on boat at any time.
  2. Anglers may not cull in the weigh-in area.
  3. May not be tampered with by adding any foreign material.

6.1        Injured Fish:

  1. You may not mutilate or mark fish in any manner.
  2. May weigh an injured fish after any matter that may increase its weight has been removed.

6.2        Dead Fish:

  1. Keep dead fish separate and hand to weigh master – do not put back into water.

6.3        Scoring:

  1. Live fish: 1 point per fish and 1 point per kg or part thereof.
  2. Dead fish: 0 point per fish and 1 point per kg or part thereof.
  3. Short fish: 1/2-point penalty per fish (e.g. -1/2), no points for weight, and will count as portion of daily 5 fish limit.

6.4        Ties:

  1. If two (or more) anglers have the same score at the end of a particular divisional competition the angler that scored the higher score at the preceding divisional competition shall be deemed the winner of the tie. For clarification purposes the preceding competition may have taken place in a previous season.  If one of the anglers did not participate in the preceding competition the other shall be deemed to be the winner.  If neither participated in the previous competition, then the next preceding competition in which either of them participated should be considered.  If neither angler has fished in any prior competitions the tie shall be resolved by the toss of a coin done in the presence of at least two members of the Divisional executive committee.
  2. If two (or more) anglers are tied in terms of the calculation of the year to date ranking after a particular divisional competition then the angler who was ranked higher prior to the particular competition shall be deemed to be the winner of the tie.  If the competition is the first competition of a new season then the year to date ranking for the previous season shall apply for resolving the tie, i.e. the person who was ranked higher in the previous season shall be deemed the winner. If either of the anglers did not participate in the previous season the other shall be deemed the winner.  If neither angler has fished the prior season the tie shall be resolved by the toss of a coin done in the presence of at least two members of the Divisional executive committee.
  3. If two (or more) anglers are tied in terms of the end of season history based ranking then the angler who finished higher in the previous season’s end of season history ranking shall be deemed the winner of the tie.  If neither of the anglers have a ranking for the previous season then the angler who scored the highest points for a single day’s bag during the current season will be deemed the winner.  If they have the same heaviest bag the next heaviest bag will be considered and so forth.
  4. If in any of the above cases it is necessary to resolve a tie through the toss of the coin, neither of the presiding executive committee members may be anglers involved in the tie.

7.      LEAVING EARLY:       

  1. If you leave early, you must return your disc to the board or official receptacle provided.
  2. You must advise the tournament officer and your club chairman/Provincial head that you are leaving early.
  3. Failure to do any of the above will result in penalties being levied on the angler, as the rescue boats will have been dispatched to find you. 
  4. Penalties levied against the angler will be R100 (1st offence) R500 (2nd offence) R1000 (3rd offence).


  1. 2 x rescue boats (voluntary) must be nominated before start of day and confirmed by tournament officer.
  2. These angler’s fish must be handed to tournament officer (their fish will be weighed first (no exceptions), they will then depart 5 minutes after the official cut-off time to look for anglers whose disc/s are not on board/receptacle.
  3. False alarms will be dealt with severely and the angler’s club/province fined accordingly.
  4. Rescue boats are provided to rescue anglers not to assist with mechanical or other failure.
  5. Rescue boats will also be compensated a minimum of R200.00 by each responsible club/s for petrol used during search for the missing person/s.


  1. To be at weigh site 15 minutes before the close of each fishing session.
  2. Their fish will then be weighed first.
  3. Will ensure that rescue boats fish are weighed in.
  4. Will perform other duties designated to them by the tournament officer.
  5. Must ensure that their cell phones are on during the entire fishing session to allow anglers to contact them in the case of an emergency only.


  1. All anglers must adhere to rules applicable to a dam including but not limited to restricted/off-limit areas, private property and traffic flows specified or identified by the tournament officer
  2. Boat not complying with safety requirements – you will not be allowed on the water.
  3. No boat may approach to within casting distance of another boat.
  4. If you allow any boat within casting distance then any other boat may enter your wet line area.
  5. Only artificial lures may be used to catch fish.
  6. No trolling of lures while main engine is running.
  7. Anglers may not combine catches.
  8. Gross misconduct.
  9. Transferring fish from one boat to another – except in the case of mechanical failure. When 2 x anglers on the boat, then one person must accompany the boat assisting them to reach the weigh-in site on time. If angler fish on his own he must give his fish and disc to person assisting him, to be handed to the weigh master for weighing. In both cases, anglers will remain with their boat and wait until tournament officer dispatches help, (this is not a rescue situation). The tournament officer will deal with any emergency situation resulting in a late arrival, separately.
  10. If more than 5 fish/angler on boat. If there is more than one (1) angler on a boat, and the guilty party cannot be identified, then both anglers will be disqualified.
  11. Entry into and exit from weigh-in area other than between buoys or other defined point at date of competition.
  12. Speeding in specified no-wake areas. Only idle speed acceptable in these areas. A no wake zone is always in force at least 50m to either side, and 50m from the front of the weigh-in site, unless otherwise demarcated on day of competition. The extent of the no wake zone is normally indicated by the maker buoys deployed in point xii) above. Normally most bay areas at a venue are also deemed no-wake zones (ask tournament officer for clarification in this regard).
  13. Departing out of number sequence drawn except when otherwise instructed by tournament officer. Highest number drawn, will patrol buoys, & will check that boats leave in sequence, and then leave last.
  14. Arriving late at weigh-in. If disc is not on board or in any other receptacle provided, at cut-off time.
  15. Transferring of any item from one boat to another during the fishing period, i.e. between launch and weigh in, unless it is done in the presence of the weigh master and with his permission.










Entry #NameProvincesCategoriesANGLER1
1Tinus BarnardNorthern DivisionTinus Barnard
2Japie BothaNorthern DivisionJapie Botha
3Reed EastmanNorthern DivisionReed Eastman
4Michael MattheeNorthern DivisionMichael Matthee
5Chad AnassisNorthern DivisionChad Anassis
6Pieter EspagNorthern DivisionPieter Espag
7Jako SteynNorthern DivisionJako Steyn
8Marcio SilvaNorthern DivisionMarcio Silva
9Kobus RetiefNorthern DivisionKobus Retief
10Carlos SilvaNorthern DivisionJose Carlos Silva
11Charl EngelbrechtNorthern DivisionCharl Engelbrecht
12Barry GroveNorthern DivisionBarry Grove
13Marco Van VeelenNorthern DivisionMarco Van Veelen
14Ruan WahlNorthern DivisionRuan Wahl
15Adriaan ZwartsNorthern DivisionAdriaan Zwarts
16Gary HalvorsenNorthern DivisionGary Halvorsen
17Hennie SchoemanNorthern DivisionHennie Schoeman
18Gerhard NortjeNorthern DivisionGerhard Nortje
19Wayne LouwNorthern DivisionWayne Louw
20Johan ZwartsNorthern DivisionJohann Zwarts Snr
21Piet HattinghNorthern DivisionPiet Hattingh
22Braam WahlNorthern DivisionBraam Wahl
23Bradley CostaNorthern DivisionBradley Costa
24Andrew HüsgenNorthern DivisionAndrew Husgen
25Michi HüsgenNorthern DivisionMichi Husgen
26Anton BenadieNorthern DivisionAnton Benadie
27Lourens MatthysenNorthern DivisionLourens Matthysen
28Ulrich CoetzerNorthern DivisionUlrich Coetzer
29Martin FerreiraNorthern DivisionMartin Ferreira
30Cornel SmitNorthern DivisionCornel Smit
31Stephan WolmaransNorthern DivisionStephan Wolmarans
32John WickhamNorthern DivisionJohn Wickham
33Rainer StolzNorthern DivisionRainer Stoltz
34Johan EngelbrechtNorthern DivisionJohan Engelbrecht
35Dave MatthysenNorthern DivisionDave Matthysen
36Morne BarnardNorthern DivisionMorne Barnard
37Cecil VermeulenNorthern DivisionCecil Vermeulen
38Mike SteynNorthern DivisionMike Steyn
39Atch Van SchalkwykNorthern DivisionAtch Van Schalkwyk
40Vanmelle NelNorthern DivisionVanmelle Nel
41Manuel MartinsNorthern DivisionManuel Martins
42Bernadette SteynNorthern DivisionBernadette Steyn
43Charlene WesselsNorthern DivisionCharlene Wessels
44Tewie WesselsNorthern DivisionTewie Wessels
45Shaun JohnNorthern DivisionShaun John
46Bertus FerreiraNorthern DivisionBertus Ferreira
47Bertus FerreiraNorthern DivisionBertus Ferreira