Eastern Division Season 2014/2015

Tournament Details
NameEastern Division Season 2014/2015
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceEastern Cape
Number of Competitions6
How many Competitions will count4
Minimum Anglers weighing together1
Maximum Anglers weighing together1
Start Time07:00
End Time16:00
Tournament Ties1 Heaviest Bag 2 Heaviest Fish - Linked to competitions used to calculate Grand Prix Points
Next Competition Date2017-06-08
Tournament Points+
SpeciesCompetition PointsTeamsCategories
#This is a linear based Grand Prix system.
#The winner gets the most points.
#No fish means 0 points.
#Ties will get the same points.
#The person after the tie will get
#points based on ladder position

Tournament Information

Eastern Division Season 2014/2015

Dirk Coxen 078 479 2888 (SC Chair)

Georg Forg 082 784 5013

James Rea 082 453 7455 (Records)

Tyrone Schwartz 082 468 3945 (Division Chair)


Entry #NameTeamsCategoriesANGLER1
1James ReaEastern ProvinceJames Rea - james.rea@clover.co.za
2Dirk CoxenEastern ProvinceDirk Coxen
3Jonathan BehnkeEastern ProvinceJonathan Behnke - jnthnbehnke@yahoo.com
4Clint LentzEastern ProvinceClint Lentz - psmclint@telkomsa.net
5Jaques CooperEastern ProvinceJaques Cooper
6Mark GibsonEastern ProvinceMark Gibson
7Georg ForgEastern ProvinceGeorg Forg
8Adrian LuffEastern ProvinceAdrian Luff
9Brett EdmundsEastern ProvinceBrett Edmunds
10Richard EldriggeEastern ProvinceRichard Eldridge - richard-eldridge@hotmail.com
11Cyril SchwartzEastern ProvinceCyril Schwartz
12Andrew HolmesEastern ProvinceAndrew Holmes
13Dean SearleEastern ProvinceDean Searle
14Collin Till Eastern ProvinceCollin Till
15Todd CamonsEastern ProvinceTod Camons
16Phillip van den BergEastern ProvincePhillip Van Den Berg - phillipv@nfp.nedbank.co.za
17Steve WatsonEastern ProvinceSteve Watson
18Tyrone SchwartzEastern ProvinceTyrone Schwartz - tyrone.schwartz@gmail.com
19Jeremy BehnkeEastern ProvinceJeremy Behnke
20Leonard PotgieterEastern ProvinceLeonard Potgieter
21Paul KempEastern ProvincePaul Kemp
22Peter BrownEastern ProvincePeter Brown - pcbrown@border.co.za
23Rodney VermaakEastern ProvinceRodney Vermaak - rodneyvermaak@gmail.com
24Keith VianelloEastern ProvinceKeith Vianello
25Mario NelEastern ProvinceMario Nel
26Edgar LeachEastern ProvinceEdgar Leach
27Charles LeachEastern ProvinceCharles Leach
28Kyle VianelloEastern ProvinceKyle Vianello - kyle@kvhydraulics.co.za
29Duwal EdwardsEastern ProvinceDuwal Edwards
30Stuart SiebertEastern ProvinceStuart Siebert
31Carlo BettiniEastern ProvinceCarlo Bettini
32Alan GrantEastern ProvinceAlan Grant
33Jade BadenhorstEastern ProvinceJade Badenhorst
34Aniel du PreezEastern ProvinceAniel du Preez
35Mike Mcall-PeatEastern ProvinceMike Mcall-Peat
36Tony JericevichEastern ProvinceTony Jericevich - tonyjerich@gmail.com
37Chalky WhiteEastern ProvinceChalky White
38Vivian WatersEastern ProvinceVivian Waters
39Willie de KlerkEastern ProvinceWillie de Klerk
40Warren MoultEastern ProvinceWarren Moult
41Puff Mcall-PeatEastern ProvincePuff Mcall-Peat
42Tony BakerEastern ProvinceTony Baker