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IMPORTANT! - All images and contents of linked websites must be suitable for ages 3+

This website attracts in excess of  [ 1000 ] views each day, with up to [ 5000 ] visitors during live events.

Visitors to our website include not only anglers, but also their families and friends who enjoy tracking their results during live fishing competitions and tournaments.

Our advertising options enable you to reach a diverse audience, or a more targeted group, depending on your needs.

Event Specific Adverts

You may apply to advertise on specific event pages, if you would like to reach an audience in a particular location, or with a particular interest.

General Adverts

We have numerous advert spaces available throughout the Weighmasters.Net website and you may choose to be featured on specific or multiple website pages.

Advert Format

You may choose between a rotating GIF or a static banner advert. Artwork must be provided to us in the required format and at the required size.

Width=970 pixels

Height=90 pixels

Size=Not exceeding 100KB

Advertising Rates

Advertising space on this website is sold in units of 1 000 impressions @ R200 exluding VAT. Once the available impressions on your advert are running low, our team will notify you so that you can purchase additional impressions should you wish.