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How it Works

Weighmasters.Net is the world’s simplest, most efficient Angling Competition and Tournament Management System. All our features are free to use for both anglers and angling event organisers.

For Competitive Anglers

You can browse and enter events online quickly and easily. All that you need to do in order to enter, is register as a Weighmasters.Net user.

Once you have entered an event online, you are ready to participate in that event. All event details such as entry fees, location, itinerary and prizes are available for you to view by clicking on the event. Organisers will email you directly with any updates for events that you have entered.

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For Angling Event Organisers

Whether you’re running a single angling club competition, social angling match or a multi-national fishing tournament – we’re here to ensure that you enjoy using this website and our software to manage your event, simply and successfully.

With our angling event management tools, you can:

  • Schedule events and accept online entries from anglers.
  • Easily manage your event in real time, straight from your computer.
  • Automatically publish results live on our website for competitors, family, friends and followers to see.
  • Run as many localized scoreboards, sponsor pages, competition clocks, organizers, announcements and rules as your device hardware is able to support.

Get Started

This simple, 4 step guide will help you to get started with Weighmasters.Net

  1. Register as a User

To schedule and manage events, you will first need to register as a user. [Register Now]

  1. Schedule your event

You can schedule either a tournament – which will consist of multiple events, or a single competition. When loading your event, be sure to include all necessary information that competitive anglers may need. Our event registration template will guide you through this simple process.

  1. Download Event Management Software

Managing your event on the day is made incredibly simple when you download the Weighmasters.Net software. Not only can you schedule and update events using this software, but you can easily record and upload angler results across multiple events and days.

  1.  Publish Event Results

Your Weighmasters.Net software will store and then automatically upload data once you have an internet connection. So, from the moment you weigh in your first fish, you can either publish results live, or you can do so after the event.

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